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5 Reasons Vinyl Signs Should Be a Top Pick for Your Company

Custom Vinyl Signs for Offices in Wilmington
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Vinyl sign printing is one of the most useful services that we offer to businesses. That’s because vinyl is such a strong option as a sign material. Few can match it in terms of cost-effectiveness and general flexibility. Simply put, if your business is looking to make an impact without breaking the budget, vinyl signs are a great option.

1. They Can Go Anywhere

You can find vinyl signage on all kinds of surfaces and in unexpected places. That’s great because it means these signs are flexible and can get more attention by surprising people. Places you can put vinyl signs include:

· Floors

· Walls

· Glass walls and windows

· Ceilings

2. They Are Cost-Effective

Vinyl is a very thin plastic material that, before it is turned into a sign, is rolled out into a sheet. This is a relatively cost-effective material compared to woods, metals, and other sign options. Plus, as vinyl has high durability in many applications, it lasts quite a long time for its cost.

3. They Offer High-Quality Graphics

Vinyl sign printing isn’t as simple as printing on paper. However, it can make much higher-quality images. This is perfect for printing large-scale signs, which might be viewed up close. We can create photo-realistic graphics, which are a good choice to display your products or other information.

4. They Can Be Temporary or Permanent

Vinyl sheets that make up these signs have an adhesive backing. While this glue is quite strong, it also pulls away from surfaces without damaging what is beneath them. This means that your original drywall, car paint, or glass is protected. It also means that these signs can be great for seasonal or temporary uses, as well as permanent use.

5. You Can Mix and Match

Vinyl is a great material, but it doesn’t quite “pop” the way that more three-dimensional options do. Not to worry, though, because vinyl is a great material to mix and match with. Use vinyl as a backing on your sign, and let other materials create a more three-dimensional look. Combine vinyl with metal, wood, acrylic, and more.

Vinyl Signs From Saltwater Signworks

Vinyl signage is affordable, but it can still be high-quality, too. Find the best of both worlds with reasonable pricing and incredible design from Saltwater Signworks today.


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