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Our Values

Our success is defined by your success and happiness with our products and services. We are family-owned and operated, detail-oriented, dedicated to excellent service, and providing best-in-class quality to our customers.

  • We have a GROWTH MINDSET – we believe we can do anything, and we can learn something new daily
  • We are TRUSTWORTHY – we say what we mean, we keep promises, we treat everyone with respect
  • We are BOLD – we are creative, we are innovative, we see change as opportunity
  • We have COURAGE – we take initiative, we learn from mistakes, we empower each other
  • We have FUN – we enjoy hard work, we celebrate our successes, we love helping people
  • We are DEDICATED – we are devoted to providing the highest quality service to our customers, community, and teammates


Saltwater Signworks Signs Design & Installation Process

Our Process

We provide a competitive advantage through the Signworld Owners Affiliate Network of over 300 other owners nationwide. This means lower material costs and the ability to service any large, nationwide customer very easily. We can partner with any other Signworld owner to achieve success for any customer location in the US or Canada.

When you work with us, we see to it that you get excellent service from start to finish and we are not content until you are completely satisfied.

Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners of Saltwater Signworks
Ben Howell – As an engineer with 20 years of Nuclear Industry experience, he has impeccable attention to detail, and understands material breakdown over time which helps him guide customers to the best materials to use for their investment. His experience in managing multiple business segments for a Fortune 500 company makes Ben a valuable resource in helping customers find simple, unique, and cost-effective solutions to their needs.
Jamie Howell – As a Wilmington native, she is excited to be able to provide excellent visual branding options to businesses in her hometown. Having spent the majority of her career in the service industry, Jamie understands that each transaction is an opportunity to build a relationship with that customer. She strives to get to know each customer and their goals for their business and help them to achieve those goals by working together to maximize the impact of their sign purchase.