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What are Building Signs?

Commercial building signs are visual communication and marketing tools that support your daily business operations and help your company thrive in the industry it belongs to. There are many applications and uses of building signs for business, such as boosting your foot traffic and providing straightforward directional cues. As our local signage partner, Saltwater Signworks will assist you in choosing the best signs for buildings that meet your needs.

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Popular Types of Building Signs in Burgaw

  • Channel letter signs: Many entrepreneurs in Burgaw get channel letters because they effectively grab the attention of passersby. These three-dimensional lighted building signs come in four kinds of illumination styles, namely: front-lit, backlit, open face, and combination.
  • Canopy signs for buildings: They are similar to awnings, except that these have metal poles and cover a wider area. We often install canopy signs at bars, cafés, or restaurants  that provide al fresco seating.
  • Hanging and blade signs: Burgaw is booming with many competing businesses. Thus, if you want your establishment to get ahead, you should invest in suspended exterior building signs since they are highly visible from various angles, even from afar. For more durability, we highly recommend that you have them made with Dibond, Dura-wood, or Alumalite.
  • Dimensional letters: These building sign letters have solid letters which are illuminated through external fixtures. They are perfect for private offices, law firms, medical clinics, and other establishments with a professional atmosphere.
  • Awnings: These multi-purpose custom building signs are installed over front doors and windows. What makes them special is that they display your company trademark and function as a shade for customers waiting outside.
  • Digital displays: They combine the best qualities of traditional and modern advertising. You can use them to showcase product launches, campaigns, digital messages, event teasers, and more. Because these need intricate electrical work, you have to work with a company that offers expert building signs installation in Burgaw. The good news is that Saltwater Signworks can do all of that for you.
  • Window and wall signs: These vinyl signs allow you to maximize the available space in your facility. They often display seasonal décor, brand-related designs, and other illustrations that improve the ambiance.
  • Banner building signs near Burgaw: These economical and versatile solutions are ideal for announcing short-term events such as special discounts and events. With proper care and maintenance, banners signs can be reused several times and can last for many years.
  • Engraved metal plaques: These sleek business building signs are ideal for displaying basic details, such as the names of doctors in a private healthcare facility and their clinic hours.

Types of Building Signs

There are many different types of building signs, all best suited for different kinds of brands and buildings. There are a few ways to differentiate them, including the building sign letters. The type of letter, like metal, acrylic, or vinyl, really helps reflect the attributes of your brand and, when done well, helps it stand out from the surrounding competition.

There is also an important distinction between lighted building signs and non-lit building signs. Lit building signs ensure that your building can be identified at night, and they continue advertising your brand even when you’re not open. But non-lit signs can have their charms and are more affordable.

Some of the types of building signs you should consider include:

  • Channel letter signs
  • Cabinet signs
  • Three-dimensional lettering
  • Awning signs
  • Window vinyl signs

Your Trusted Building Sign Maker in Burgaw, NC

If you are on the hunt for the best building signs “near me”, look no further because Saltwater Signworks is here to meet your needs. We specialize in producing a wide variety of visual marketing tools for different establishments. By using premium materials and equipment, our signs are durable enough to withstand inclement weather and pollution for many years.

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