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A business’s building sign is important not only to tell people where your brand is located, but also to give customers something to connect to, to build your presence in the area, and make your building more beautiful. Signs for buildings are one of the more important sign investments you’ll make, and because of that importance, there are many options to choose from. If selecting your business building sign and ensuring it is the best one for you seems a bit overwhelming, speak to our experts at Saltwater Signworks. We provide these signs in Wilmington and can help you craft the right one for you. We are building sign makers who provide exceptional quality signs.


Contoured cabinet sign of LN Equipment business

What Are Signs For Buildings?

When people talk about building signs, they are typically referring to the exterior building signs that are mounted to the face of your building but, the term could mean any sign on your building. These are the largest signs you see, typically attached to brickwork or the side of the building to which they belong.

Types of Corporate Building Signs to Consider for Your Business

There are many different types of building signs, all best suited for different kinds of brands and buildings. There are a few ways to differentiate them, including the building sign letters. The type of letter, like metal, acrylic, or vinyl, really helps reflect the attributes of your brand and, when done well, helps it stand out from the surrounding competition.

There is also an important distinction between lighted building signs and non-lit building signs. Lit building signs ensure that your building can be identified at night, and they continue advertising your brand even when you’re not open. But non-lit signs can have their charms and are more affordable.

Some of the types of building signs you should consider include:

Commercial Building Signs for Zoo Entrance in Wilmington

Importance of Commercial Building Signs

Commercial building signs are complex and due to their great position on the front of your building, have a big impact on your customers and potential customers. Here are some of the uses and advantages of these signs:

  • Branding: Say more with a sign than just your brand name. Every element of the sign, from its materials to its lighting, should feed into the overall look of your brand. We have smart strategies that can help your sign do a better job of representing the complexity of your brand.
  • Attention-grabbing: All signs need to catch attention, but building signs need to be perfectly tuned to do so. After all, they will be competing with many other building signs nearby.

Cost of Building Signs

What will a building sign cost you in Wilmington? Due to their sturdy materials, large size, and their likelihood to include lighting, these signs represent a significant investment for your business. However, they are an important key to your success and well worth designing right, as they will come to represent your brand for a long time. It’s important to know what you’ll be spending though. Our designers can help you get a sign that will fit your budget. Contact our team to get a free quote.
Outdoor Building Sign Fabricated By Saltwater Signworks In Wilmington
Prime Iv Business Sign

Get a High-Quality Building Sign from Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington, NC

When you need a building sign that will truly enhance your brand and help your business succeed, reach out to Saltwater Signworks. We are building sign makers who provide exceptional quality signs.

If you’re searching for building signs near you, contact our team today.