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Better-designed business signs can help you achieve your goals. Do you want more customers, higher sales numbers, better brand recognition, and increased customer loyalty? There is so much you can do with custom business signs and our expert designers can help. We offer commercial signs that deliver appealing designs and the value that you’re looking for. Learn more about what makes a successful sign below or reach out to discuss your questions now.


Custom cabinet sign of milkshake bar manufactured by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington, NC

Achieving Goals Beyond Direct Sales with Custom Sign Solutions

Business signage is a broad category of signs that includes nearly every sign we offer and includes a wide variety of uses from promoting your brand to providing wayfinding information to visitors and customers. A business sign is a sign that accomplishes a goal for your business. This doesn’t have to be an increase in sales, although most business needs will come back to sales. You can accomplish more than just directly promoting a product to boost purchases with these signs.

Maximizing Business Benefits with Commercial Signs

What are those other uses for business signs and how do they lead back to more revenue? As a business sign maker in Wilmington, we can tell you. Here are just some of the few ways you can use business signs:

  • Meet obligations: The ADA requires you have certain signs on your property. You may also need to meet other national or local ordinances with your signs.
  • Promote safety: Whether there is a permanent hazard or a temporary one, you should reduce your liability by putting up a sign to warn people.
  • Build brand identity: Any sign can help add to your brand identity, not just building signs and lobby signs.
  • Change atmosphere: Signs can contribute to the overall feeling and look of your building.

Types of Business Signs

There are two main categories of commercial signs: those that are intended for indoor use and those that can be used outside. We’ll give you examples of both below.

Interior business signs need to match the branding, looks, or décor inside of your building. Options for indoor signs include:

Exterior business signs need to present your brand in a great light and be visible from as far away as possible, but they also need to contend with environmental concerns like harsh sunlight, strong winds, and rain. Here are some of your outdoor sign options:

Perforated Window Decals for Businesses

Get Expert Advice for Your Business Sign Needs

Sometimes you just need the ear of an expert. If you have questions about the cost of business signs, the various options for customizing the signs, or the timeline of custom sign production, you should reach out to us at Saltwater Signworks. We would love to help you!

Wilmington Business Signs

If you are searching for “business signs near me” and you live in Wilmington, then you’ve found the right place. Saltwater Signworks is a business sign maker in Wilmington and our designers can help you create the exact signs you need to support your business goals. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on its purpose. Any quality business sign should have all the elements it needs to convey your message and shouldn’t be cluttered with elements that it doesn’t need. When creating signs, you should always include some branding elements like colors, fonts, logos, and/or the name of your business.  

Business signs are very important for the success of your business. If you need signs, invest in quality materials and designs. To build and protect your brand identity, you must always put forward a strong image through your signs.

Creating a business sign is a multi-step process that we can walk you through. We will start with a consultation where we address your needs and discover what you want for your sign. As we move through the design process, we’ll get your feedback about the design and your approval before we manufacture or print it.

From building a brand to advertising their sales, businesses have a tremendous need for signs. Each kind of business, from a contracting company to an accounting office, has different needs for its signs, and each also needs unique designs for these signs. These signs can attract customers to your business, provide important directional/safety information, or ensure that being inside your workspace is aesthetically pleasing.

There are many different material options for outdoor business signs. Acrylic and other plastics are good options when they are high quality enough to resist sun and water damage. Similarly, metals are a good option when they are treated to prevent corrosion and the impact of humidity. Wood can also be used for outdoor signs when they are sealed.

Different types of signs have different lifespans that are based on their materials and placement. We can design temporary signs that will only last a short while, perhaps the length of your sale or your campaign. We can also design business signs that will last for many years.

Honestly, that depends on what you want them to be. Depending on the design of your sign, you can get the benefits that you need. Signs can help you enhance your branding, generate interest in new products or services, increase your foot traffic, improve your sales and do much more.

Usually, the purpose of a business sign is to help a company accomplish its business goals. You might want to increase sales, help people find their way to your office, or let people know you have a big sales event.

Most business signs include your company’s branding, which is the most common element of all signs. Keeping a sign’s purpose in mind is important to determine what should be on the sign.  For example, bathroom and exit signs are more about their practical purpose than they are about promoting your business.  However, we can still use your brand elements to create a cohesive look throughout your space.