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One of the most important assets your business will have is your collection of custom signs. Real estate agents need lawn signs, retail stores need signs inside and out and offices need everything from lobby signs to bathroom signs. Searching for “custom signs near me” can give you a lot of results, but we can help you find the custom signs that will work for you, and show you why they’ll be effective. Learn more about custom signs near Wilmington from Saltwater Signworks.


Complete Customization for Business Signs, Banners and Decals

Don’t settle for anything less than a completely custom sign. You should be able to choose every aspect of your sign to ensure that it is the best design to draw in your customers and communicate your message to them. We can help you make decisions around these key customization points:

  • Materials: We offer a huge selection of materials for signs, including exterior landscaping materials.
  • Size and shape: This aspect should be custom so that your signage can fit where you need it to.
  • Graphics: Images, artwork, text, colors, and other visual elements of your sign need to be personalized. Your sign maker should be able to match your brand colors and font exactly.
  • Lighting: Especially on exterior signage, lighting is very important. It improves your ability to increase brand recognition, even at night. There are multiple lighting options, including LEDs from different directions.

Custom Business Signage for Multiple Purposes

Whatever message you want to send, we can help design a sign that will accomplish it or multiple goals. Here are some of the most common ways to use custom signs:

  • Add branding to your lobby or make the space more comfortable.
  • Promote events, festivals, and new events on your property.
  • Brand the outside of your building.
  • Direct people to different parts of your building.
  • Display your menu to those who are walking by or ordering.
  • Help people understand your policies or other information.
  • Make a branded impression in different areas of your building.
Complete Renovation Solutions Edge Lit Cabinet Lobby Sign

Types of Custom Signs

As custom sign makers in Wilmington, we seek to offer a very wide variety of custom signage. Here are some of the sign options that might interest you the most:

We offer other custom-made signs, so be sure to reach out to ask.

Questions About Custom Business Signs

Do you have questions about the cost of custom signs, and the timelines for design, delivery, or installation? We can help you with clear information, clear estimates, and communication throughout your custom sign-making process.
Prime Iv Business Sign
Custom vinyl signs on brick design and manufactured in Wilmington, NC

Affordable Sign Company in Wilmington That Changes The Aesthetics of Your Business

If you need personalized signs or custom specialty signs, you should reach out to our dedicated team at Saltwater Signworks today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom signs are any sign option that is completely customizable. Those who make truly custom signs won’t just have a few sign options available. Instead, every aspect of the sign’s design should be in your hands, especially if it will help communicate your message. That includes material, shape, size, lighting, and much more.

Custom signs can be made of any sign material. However, constraints like whether you want the sign to be placed outside or whether it needs lighting may restrict your material options somewhat. The options for custom signs include materials such as vinyl, wood, PVC, corrugated board, and a wide range of metal options.

In a way, all well-made custom signs help your brand. However, certain custom signs are most beneficial to getting your brand name out there or making your brand more prominent in your lobby. Post and panel signs are great for neighborhood advertising, while lobby signs are great to make statements indoors.

It is hard to estimate the cost of custom signs in any area because more important factors are often the price of materials and the size and type of the sign. We can give you more detailed estimates if you reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for.

You can get custom signs right here from Saltwater Signworks. We offer a large range of interior and exterior signs, lit and non-lit signs, and commercial signs or those for home offices. We can provide you with just one special sign, or help you design a whole suite of custom signs that work together in your space.

Ideally, all custom signs would be properly tailored to their environment and thus provide you with a high level of durability. Temporary signs will, of course, be less durable than permanent signs. Signs that are outdoors will also face more challenges in terms of durability than indoor signs. We can help you project the lifespan of any custom signs you purchase from us.

That all depends on the workplace. We can design a custom sign to suit any of your business objectives, whether you would like to provide a relaxing environment for staff to relax, a motivating space where they can get inspired, or a place where they always understand the safety risks around them. Custom signs can help with that.

Custom signs should be placed where they were designed to be installed. However, we can design a custom sign to be installed wherever you need. That includes mounting it into difficult materials such as brick and concrete. Or, we can place signs on unusual surfaces, such as on the floor, ceiling, glass walls and windows.

The process of actually making the custom sign is best left to the professionals. However, you should be heavily involved in the design process for your sign. We can walk you through every aspect of sign creation, and then we’ll handle the specifics of making and installing the sign for you. You get the best quality this way.

Saltwater Signworks is your custom sign company in Wilmington. You can call us at 910-212-5020.

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