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Dimensional Letter Signs in Wilmington

Want to make a bigger impact with your sign? Sometimes to do that, you need to go bigger. Custom dimensional letters, also known as three-dimensional letters, “pop” off their mounting surface. These letters are thick, and that dimension helps them catch attention. Discover what else dimensional letter signs have to offer your business below.


Designing custom 3d letters for Wilmington business

What Are Dimensional Sign Letters?

When you print a letter on a piece of paper it’s flat. When you mold the letter out of clay, it is a three-dimensional letter. That is the idea behind these signs. They offer a more impactful visual when it comes to signs. Of course, dimensional signs are as customizable as other signs, so you can get your brand’s font and color exactly, which helps with brand cohesion and aesthetics. 

Types of Dimensional Letters

There are a few different types of dimensional letter signs, and all the options are worth exploring.

  • Backlit dimensional letters: Adding lighting to one of these signs is a great way to make them stand out. As they do not have internal lighting (that would make them channel letter signs) adding a backlight is the main way to light them.
  • 3D building logos: You don’t have to settle for just letters in three dimensions. You can also get your logo in this sign style. It is common to put these signs up on the building exterior along with other signs, like channel letter signs.

Dimensional lettering is usually made of durable, visually impactful materials. Some of the options include:

  • Stainless steel dimensional letters
  • Aluminum dimensional letters
  • Acrylic dimensional letters
  • PVC dimensional letters
  • Wood dimensional letters
Uses of Acrylic Signs for offices

Uses of Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter signs are a great way to make any text that you display stand out. So, they are among the most versatile sign. Anywhere you’d communicate a message, inside or outside, you can use these signs instead of plain letters.

Some of the uses for indoor 3D letters include:

  • Labeling different departments in your store
  • Labeling different areas in your office
  • As lobby signs that add branding to your space

Some of the uses for outdoor 3D letters include:

  • Listing the building’s address, especially for large residential buildings
  • As the main building sign, displaying the brand name for people to see

Cost of Dimensional Letters

What will your three-dimensional office signs cost you? It depends on what you have in mind. Size and materials are some of the largest factors in the pricing of these signs. Also, when it comes to 3D logos, design complexity may play into the cost. You don’t have to worry though, the team at Saltwater Signworks is happy to help you get a sign design that is within your budget, and that you’ll be happy with. We also offer honest, clear quotes so you know what you’ll pay.
Cost of Bathroom Signs
Customized Dimensional Letters Signage for Ace in Wilmington

Great Dimensional Letters in Wilmington, NC

Get the signs that always “pop” for your customers. Saltwater Signworks offers a wide range of custom options for your three-dimensional signs. We can help you get the perfect lettering for your specific use, whether it is a huge building sign, or just a small one pointing out where a building feature is. Contact us today to get started.