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Electronic Signs in Wilmington

Sending complex messages with your signs has never been simpler than it is with electronic signs. These are like digital billboards, with infinitely changeable displays. Not only is this screen a bright light, but it can often incorporate movement, which is among the most eye-catching element of any sign. If you’re searching for “electronic signs near me” then you will be glad you found us at Saltwater Signworks. We have many indoor and outdoor electronic sign options that can help you elevate your marketing and achieve your goals.


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What Are Electronic Signs?

Electronic signs are essentially programmable LED displays. Instead of metal or plastic, they use pixels to create an image. You can think of these business signs as digital billboards, but they have many advantages over billboards. They can change, display moving images, and have more engaging images. It would also be incorrect to think of electronic signs as only marketing tools. They can also help with related tasks, from wayfinding to displaying critical safety information.

Uses for Electronic Signs

As signs, digital displays are the most flexible option, simply because they can change so quickly and easily. However, you likely want to dedicate your electronic sign to one specific purpose. You might be surprised at what those options are. The uses for electronic signs include:

  • Display your menu information.
  • Announce details of events in your space.
  • Display wait times or when transportation is arriving.
  • Show a map of your location, even an interactive map.
  • Promote different brands, products, or services.

Portable electronic message boards allow your sign to be even more useful. Often these are used on highways to indicate where construction will be happening or is happening. However, there are many other uses as well.

Types of Interior Signs

Types of Electronic Signs

The display of your electronic sign can be incorporated into many other different kinds of signs. Essentially, you can have a digital sign wherever you need it. Some of your options include:

When choosing your sign, be sure to differentiate between indoor electronic signs and outdoor electronic signs. Due to the digital nature of the sign, you want to be sure you’re placing it in the weather conditions for which it was made.

Cost of Electronic Signs

The cost of these signs depends on their capabilities, the resolution of the screen, and their size. We can help you get a feel for what different options may cost you and which you should choose to best fit your needs. Contact our team of experts for a free quote.

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Electronic Signs in Wilmington, NC

Electronic signs are a much more important investment than a one-time use sign. You want to make sure that you’re choosing well because you’ll have the sign for a long time. The experts at Saltwater Signworks have a range of options to suit different businesses and purposes. We can help you get exactly the custom digital sign that you need. Contact us today.