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Custom Hanging Signs in Wilmington

Hanging Signs in Wilmington

You might spot a classy hanging sign on the side of a building announcing a niche shop. Or you might find one out on a lawn, announcing the sale of a home. Wherever you choose to use them, hanging signs are a simple way to get the attention that your message needs. As most are secured only on the top, they bring that additional eye-catching element of movement to your sign. Even if it’s not windy, a hanging sign is charming and has a special aesthetic that can benefit your brand. Learn more about the hanging signs we offer at Saltwater Signworks below.


Indoor Hanging Wayfinding Signage for Stores in Wilmington

What Is a Hanging Sign?

Hanging signs are business signs that hang off the surface or structure to which they are attached. This can include walls, support beams, and ceilings. There many uses for these types of signs that range from real estate lawn signs to storefront exterior signs.

The Types of Hanging Signs

Every hanging sign we produce is custom. Still, it is useful to divide them up into types based on their materials. The material of a hanging sign largely dictates its uses, durability, and whether it can be used outdoors. The most popular types of hanging signs include:

  • PVC hanging signs: PVC is a plastic polymer that makes for sturdy, excellent signs.
  • Alumalite hanging signs: Alumalite is a lighter composite material that includes aluminum.
  • Dibond hanging signs: These signs have an aluminum exterior and a plastic interior. The plastic interior adds extra strength and makes the sign very lightweight.
  • Coroplast hanging signs: Coroplast is corrugated plastic. This is a highly cost-efficient sign material.
  • HDU hanging signs: HDU stands for high-density urethane. This material was designed specifically for signs, which means it has a great combination of features for signs. It won’t shrink or expand, it’s simple to cut, and it looks great.

Along with those unique sign material types, there are also some more typical materials you can choose from, including:

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Uses of Hanging Signs

With all those types of hanging signs, there are plenty of uses for them. Some of the most common uses include placing an engraved hanging sign at your door for branding purposes, promoting a residence that is for sale, or installing fabric ceiling hanging signs to celebrate an event.

Hanging Signs Near You in Wilmington, NC

What is the cost of hanging signs? How should you hang your sign? Will your design fit? These are all questions that the experts at Saltwater Signworks can answer for you. Reach out to us to discuss your options today.

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