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Increase Your In-Store Traffic with the Right Business Signs

Custom Exterior Business Sign in Wilmington
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If you’re a retail location or an office that is open to members of the public, one of the most important metrics to your success is how many people walk through your door. After all, you can’t sell your services or products to someone who never walks in to talk to you. So, the question for businesses frequently becomes: how do you get more people in the door? The answer is often exterior business signs.

Business signs can help increase your in-store traffic in a few key ways. If you’re looking for business signs to help boost your sales, then you should learn about some of the best outdoor options below.

Signs to Help People Find You  

If people don’t know that your brand is in the area, or don’t know how to get to your entrance, they can’t come in. Some people will give up, even if they were looking specifically for your business. In order to compete in a busy or complicated plaza, large channel letter signs or pylon signs can help. If the problem is that your business is far back from the road or behind a fence, then try placing a monument sign nearer the road.

Signs to Engage and Educate People

What is on your menu? Can you answer someone’s questions about your product? Is there a special event going on? Sandwich board signs and digital billboard signs are both good options to communicate these things and encourage people to enter.

Signs to Show Off Your Branding

When people connect with your brand, they are more likely to walk in the door. There are a variety of signs that can communicate the feel, values, and identity of your brand. Great options include channel letter signs and awning signs. The type of sign should be customized based on your brand identity.

Signs to Communicate Your Products or Services

Lastly, what about a sign that can appeal to people who are looking for the specific product or service that you offer? A variety of temporary or permanent signs can help display the exact sales you want to boost, whether it’s ice cream or tax services. Contact us to get a quote.


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