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LED Signs in Wilmington

The introduction of LED lighting technology made adding light to your sign design simpler, safer, and more energy efficient. Signs that are lit by LEDs look crisp and modern while providing a great way to draw extra attention to your sign. If you’re looking for “LED signs near you”, then you have found the right place!  Our team at Saltwater Signworks offers LED light signs in Wilmington. Learn more about our offerings below.


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What is an LED Sign?

LED-lit signs are signage tools that are made bright with the use of LED lights. Most illuminated signs these days use LEDs to achieve their clean, modern look. However, there are still other lighting looks you can achieve while getting the energy-efficient benefits of LEDs.

Types of LED Signs

We offer custom LED signs which means that each one is different. One major kind of LED sign you should know is neon LED signage. These signs are powered by LEDs, but they achieve the bright, nostalgic glow of a neon sign. Replacing neon with LEDs makes the signs more cost effective, safer, and more energy efficient.

Many of the signs that we sell can be enhanced with LED lighting. Types of outdoor LED signs include:

Types of indoor LED signs include:

Not sure if you’re interested in an LED sign? Don’t worry, our team can help guide you to make the right lighting decisions for your signs.

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Uses for LED Signs

LED signs can be used indoors and outdoors for a variety of purposes. Essentially any message you need to communicate can be enhanced with a lit sign. Some options include:

  • Branding
  • Wayfinding
  • Décor
  • Atmosphere

The Cost of LED Signs

Our clients are typically interested in learning about two types of costs when it comes to LED signs. First is the cost of designing, manufacturing, and installing the sign upfront. Then, the cost of running the light over time. We can help you understand the costs for both, but they do depend on factors like the size and design of the sign. Talk to us for clear estimates and smart guidance on your signage project.

Cost of Bathroom Signs

Custom LED Signs in Wilmington

Saltwater Signworks is an LED neon sign company in Wilmington, NC. You can trust our designers for a thoughtful sign design that reflects your brand and your message, with great lighting to help it attract attention. Contact us today to discuss your sign options.