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Saltwater Signworks design and install custom lobby sign for your business’s in Wilmington. The lobby is the space where you greet your customer. Custom lobby signs help you make the most of this important moment. You want your customer to feel welcome, to connect their great service with your brand, and deepen their connection with your business. A great lobby sign can go a long way in supporting your brand with all three. With the right design, materials, and composition, we can create a lobby sign that makes you stand out in your customers’ minds. Learn more about them here.


Lighted lobby sign of Fire & Security office

What Is a Lobby Sign?

A lobby sign is a large, branded sign you place in your lobby. While the uses of lobby signs are straightforward (branding your space), a great lobby sign can provide you with more value. This includes:

  • Aesthetics: A lobby sign can also be an element of décor in your lobby, helping to enhance its style and your customer’s impression of the space.
  • Better represent your brand: A well-designed lobby sign doesn’t just rely on color and text to make a connection with your brand. Instead, every choice, from lighting to materials, should reflect your brand’s most important characteristics. A designer at Saltwater Signworks can help make a more sophisticated lobby sign for you.
  • Lighting: Lobby signs with lighting can add practical light to your reception space, brightening the space.
  • Wayfinding: Lobby signs help indicate to people that they are in the right place.

Types of Lobby Signs

Every single lobby sign that you see is a little bit different. But you can still divide them up into types. One of the best ways is by the material of the sign:

Another great way to categorize these signs is by the type of lighting (if any) the sign has. Options include:

  • Front-lit lobby signs: These signs are lit from the inside and project out the front of the sign. This is a less common option for lobby signs, but it certainly makes a huge impact and looks great.
  • Backlit lobby signs: These are signs that have lights installed behind them to create a kind of “halo” effect.
  • Neon lobby signs: You can get a more modern neon lighting sign that doesn’t use neon but does create that same great effect with LEDs.
  • Unlit lobby signs: These signs don’t have lighting, but they can still be impactful!

Cost of Lobby Signs

Our business signs are custom-made which means that their prices will differ based on factors like size and materials. To get an accurate estimate, contact our team of experts and request a free quote.

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Indoor Office Lobby Signs for Microsoft in Wilmington

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We offer corporate lobby signs and office lobby signs in Wilmington, NC. Any business looking to make an impact with their lobby space should reach out to us to discuss their options. Contact us today.

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