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There are plenty of reasons to spring for metal signs, especially in your most important, permanent signs. There are many varieties of metals available for various types of signs, from pole signs to lobby signs. Inside and outside, metal makes signs seem more elevated, professional, and secure and they pass those qualities on to your brand. Discover all the reasons you should invest in metal signs in Wilmington.


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What Is a Metal Sign?

A metal sign is any sign which is made of metal. The whole sign does not need to be made of metal for the sign to qualify. Metal signs are often made of multiple materials, especially plastic-like materials such as vinyl and acrylic. Metal business signs are an important component of your overall sign strategy. They often act as the largest and most important signs.

Types of Metal Signs

Some sign types require metal in their design, while others may incorporate metal for the design elements, rather than the structure. For signs that need to be made with metal, the metal may not be the primary material that makes the sign look great. For example, while channel letter signs are large metal letters, it is the acrylic face of the sign that gives it personality. On other signs, like three-dimensional metal letters, metal is the element that gives the sign the most character.

Some of the commercial signs which may be made of metal include:

These include aluminum signs, steel signs, bronze signs, copper signs, and much more.

Uses of Acrylic Signs for offices

Uses for Metal Signs

How can you use personalized metal signs? Adding metal to a sign has many benefits that can enhance the sign’s overall use to you. Here are some uses for metal signs:

  • Branding: Metal signs are unique in that the material can impart extra qualities to your brand. If you want to seem modern, sharp, and authoritative, a metal can help you achieve it. Metal logo signs can look more professional than some alternatives.
  • Wayfinding: You can take your wayfinding signs up a notch by making them out of metal. This can add professionalism and durability to key signs like office directory signs or door signs. Aluminum metal signs are one great option.
  • Promotion: Exterior and interior metal office signs can also be used for promoting your Wilmington business.

Cost of Metal Signs

What is the cost of a custom-cut metal sign? Our metal signs are custom-made so their prices will vary based on several factors like size and type. You can always contact our team of experts to get a free quote for your upcoming signage projects and we can work with you to keep your sign within your budget. Here are some things that impact the cost of your metal sign:

  • The type of sign
  • The type of metal
  • The sign lighting (if any)
  • The size of the sign
  • How the sign is mounted
  • Other materials on the sign

There are many ways to get the sign that you want within your budget. We can help you make it happen.

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Saltwater Signworks is your metal sign manufacturer in Wilmington, NC. We can make an exceptional metal sign that will be a strong asset to your business for years to come. Discover all the reasons you should invest in metal signs in Wilmington. Contact us today!