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Mission Statement Signs

Your mission statement is more than just words on a wall. By having those words on your wall, you help remind everyone about them and help cultivate an environment where that mission is lived out in your daily interactions with each other. Mission statement walls also impress customers and help them connect with your brand. When done well, core values featured on the wall can be inspirational for everyone and help create a positive atmosphere in the office. Every business, whether it be a large corporation, a non-profit, or a small start-up, can benefit from workplace interior design that reflects real values. Interested in creating a mission statement sign for your business? Our expert team at Saltwater Signworks is ready to help!


Mission Statement Wall for Offices in Wilmington

What Is a Mission Statement Wall?

A mission statement wall is a whole wall in your office that is dedicated to listing and graphically displaying your mission statement, your brand values, and your brand history. As you can imagine, such a wall and the business signs on it are more like pieces of art than strictly practical signs. It takes a dedicated designer to create signs that visually feel like strong representations of your brand’s most essential values.

Types of Mission Statement Signs

Every company’s mission statement is unique. While your values may be similar to other companies’ values, you put your twist on them. All these elements should be informed by your brand’s characteristics. It is a tall order for most sign types to represent these complex ideas. So, what works? You have a few staple options.

Vinyl wall art decals are often used in mission statement signs, or as the only sign. They can affordably span whole walls, without damaging the paint beneath. Plus, they can have very high-quality visuals, including photos and text of any kind. With low cost and high customization, they are a great option.

They aren’t the only ones though. Many companies choose to use vinyl wall signs and add in other, more dimensional signs to make the overall wall pop. One obvious option is three-dimensional signs, which add bulk to letters. Also, don’t forget about adding signs with lighting, which can help make a strong impact too.

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The Cost of Mission Statement Signage

What will your mission statement signage cost? It all depends. You don’t need to cover your wall with the most expensive signs to get your message across. That said, investing in other sign types can sometimes do a better job of creating a more inspiring environment. They’ll also reflect better on your brand, but it’s all about balance. The sign designers at Saltwater Signworks can help you get the right mixture of quality and price. We offer clear estimates and create designs with your budget in mind. Contact us to learn about your options.

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We can help you with mission statement wall signs in Wilmington. The Saltwater Signworks team can help you with a design that is as thoughtful as your mission statement itself. Reach out to us today to get started on your mission wall.

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