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Saltwater Signworks is a team of sign makers in Wilmington with the technological capabilities necessary to craft custom real estate signs and realtor displays. Are you looking for real estate signs? Beyond the typical post sign, there are other real estate yard signs you can use to make an impact whether you’re a developer, or selling commercial real estate. The experts will be your guides through the process of getting your signs. Learn more about it below.


Types of Real Estate Signs

Several different business signs are commonly used for real estate purposes. While you can use other sign types, these options are both popular and effective:

  • Post signs: Also known as hanging real estate signs, these are the classic “for sale” signs that you place on the lawn of the house in question.
  • A-frame signs: These are also known as sandwich board signs. In real estate, they are often placed on the sidewalk to alert passersby about an open house. These signs support themselves and don’t need to be placed on the grass.
  • H-frame signs: These signs do need to be placed on the grass. They have “H” shaped metal supports holding up a vinyl or corrugated sign. You might see these signs used for elections. In real estate, they typically advertise homes for sale or open houses.
  • Flags and banners: You can also use flags and banners for real estate purposes. More often used by developers to announce communities, they can also announce homes for sale or events like open houses.

Uses for Commercial Realtor Signs

Commercial realtor signs are about more than just indicating that your commercial property is for sale. Here are the other uses for real estate signs:

  • Promote open houses: Open house signs are a great way to increase foot traffic and generate interest in and competition for your commercial property.
  • Promote events: Other real estate events, like networking, meet-and-greets, seminars, and more can be promoted with the right signs.
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What Is the Cost of Real Estate Signs?

We offer all custom real estate signs so prices will vary based on the type of sign, the size, and the materials you want. Contact us to discuss your signage needs and we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

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Real Estate Sign Design and Installation in Wilmington

Saltwater Signworks can help you get all the real estate signs you need to help you sell a commercial property or home in the Wilmington area. Contact us today.