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You have a storefront, so why not make the most of it with a custom storefront sign? Any building can use a sign mounted to the front of the building to indicate the brand and help it have a larger presence in the area. For many guests, customers, clients, and people just walking by, your storefront sign will be the most visible part of your brand, which means it is important to get it right. You want a strong brand identity that people can remember, so choose Saltwater Signworks for your custom storefront signs in Wilmington. Learn about our offerings and what they can do for your brand below.


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Outdoor Business Signs

A storefront sign is technically any sign that is on the front of a building. Typically, when people talk about storefront signs, they are referring to the largest, most major sign, usually a channel letter sign or another sign that is mounted directly to the building. However, these large signs shouldn’t stand alone. You can make your marketing more effective when you combine multiple sign types at your storefront.

Types of Storefront Signs

There are many different types of shopfront signage. However, the most important distinction is between lighted storefront signs and non-lit storefront signs.

When a sign has lighting it makes a larger impact on the viewer. It can also be seen from further away and at night when visibility is low. For most businesses, it makes sense to invest in a sign that can always be seen, and that will help promote the brand at any time. However, for others, the style of certain non-lit storefront signs matches so strongly with their brand identity that it is worth forgoing lights. For example, small shops in downtown areas that want to feel authentic, small, and owner-operated often choose awning signs.

Here are some kinds of storefront signs that you may want to consider for your building:

There are many more potential signs, especially when you expand the definition to include any sign that advertises on the exterior of the building. We can walk you through your options and help you understand what sign will work best for your brand and property.

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Uses of Storefront Signs for Advertising

Business storefront signs are primarily for advertising a business. There is some complexity to what they can provide you, including:

  • Brand development: What does your brand feel like? What are its characteristics? Your sign should immediately bring to mind many of the details of your brand identity.
  • Improving foot traffic: A great sign is also appealing to your primary audience and helps you draw them in the door.

Cost of Storefront Signs

We offer custom storefront window signs which means that prices can vary based on several factors. We can help you navigate your options with your budget in mind and get the ideal sign for you. Be sure to contact our team of experts to get a free quote.
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Channel Letters Sign On Storefront Installed By Saltwater Signworks In Jacksonville

Contact Us for Your Custom Storefront Signage Need in Wilmington

At Saltwater Signworks, we offer all kinds of retail signs, including those that are meant for your storefront. If you are looking for storefront signs near you, Saltwater Signworks has the best team to help you get the right ones. Reach out to us today to discuss your storefront signage options.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Saltwater Signworks, we offer a wide selection of storefront sign options tailored to your unique needs. Some popular types include:

Each type can be customized to match your brand aesthetic and make your business stand out.

One tip when determining the size of your sign is to use font size as a basis. A good rule of thumb is to add an inch for every 10 ft distance from the sign to the viewer. For design, it’s always best to match it with your brand and your business aesthetic.

Of course! Each of our signs at Saltwater Signworks can be customized in various ways to match your brand and business needs. You have the liberty to choose the size, color, materials, and other elements to create the design you need. This ensures your storefront signs will stand out from the competition.

Requesting a quote or placing an order for a storefront sign with Saltwater Signworks is pretty easy. You can conveniently go to our homepage and fill out our request for a quote form. You may also call us at 910-212-5020. Our sign experts will be glad to assist you through a complimentary consultation. 

You can find plenty of storefront sign makers in Wilmington. However, not all sign companies are created equal. Each offers a variety of products and services that will meet your needs. At Saltwater Signworks, you get a full-service sign process. We can design, produce, and install storefront signs for your business.

There are several factors to consider when creating storefront signs. A good place to start is establishing your business goals. This serves as a guide for choosing the type of sign, design, size, and materials of your sign. Other factors include sign placement, installation, budget, and the permits needed for these outdoor signs.

The turnaround time for storefront signs varies. This usually depends on the type of sign, size, and complexity of the design. Some signs take longer than others to complete. For instance, vinyl signs typically take around a few days to produce. Channel letters, dimensional signs, and the like can take weeks.

Definitely! Saltwater Signworks is a full-service sign company. Aside from design and production, we can also handle the installation of your signs. We have expert installers who are experienced at completing the job safely and seamlessly. Our team also ensures we complete the installation with little to no distraction from your daily operations.

Storefront signs are signs that are used outdoors. For this reason, the most common materials used for these signs are those that can withstand outdoor conditions. Popular options include aluminum, vinyl, and acrylic. These materials are weather-proof and rust-proof. This makes your signs last years without the need for replacement.

Storefront signs are meant to introduce your business to the public and attract customers to your space. For this reason, your signs must bear your business name and logo. This ensures people know who and what your business is. They should also have branding elements to build brand awareness and recognition.