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Tips to Help You Get Started in Vehicle Wrap Design

Commercial Vehicle Wraps in Wilmington
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As one of the first major signs that many businesses invest in, vehicle wraps can be particularly exciting. It is normal to want to be very involved in the design of your vinyl wrap and eager about how it will showcase your brand, or your products or services. But when you sit down to brainstorm about your commercial vehicle wraps be sure to follow these tips:

1. Consider Text Size and Style

Vehicle wraps aren’t just any canvas. Your sign will be on your vehicle which people may be viewing from a distance. The further away your wrap can be read, the more people your sign can reach. You want to have large text in a sanserif font. Both features help the text appear clearer.

2. Professionalism Matters  

While making your design is fun, you need that professional touch to make sure that your vehicle wrap design reflects well on your brand. Some vinyl wrap designs get a little busy or have conflicting elements. A little bit of work from a professional can take such a design and make it excellent.

3. Keep the Brand Consistent  

No matter what other decision you make, don’t sacrifice the look of your branding. Your brand name, colors, logo, and other branding elements need to look just the same on your vehicle as they do everywhere else.

4. Think About Movement

When designing a vehicle wrap, it is important to consider the fact that vehicles move.  Work with professionals that can help incorporate design elements that suggest movement and enhance the vehicle wrap.

5. Consider Vehicle Consistency

When you’re purchasing multiple commercial vehicle wraps, the vehicles may all be different. So, you need to consider how you can keep your look consistent even if the wraps cannot be the same.

6. Keep the Style the Same  

Vehicle designs with conflicting stylistic elements don’t look as good as those that are consistent. If you have a cartoonish style for one element, you shouldn’t have a realistic-looking image of your product as another. A professional designer can help you keep the design of the wrap consistent.

Bring Your Vehicle Wrap Design Ideas to Saltwater Signworks

The designers at Saltwater Signworks are always excited to help you get your vehicle wrap design off the ground. We offer the designing, printing, and installation of vinyl wraps for all kinds of vehicles. If you’re in Wilmington, North Carolina, reach out to us today.


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