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When you drive around Wilmington, you might catch a glimpse of a truck wrap. Any truck that has a unique color stands out and these are essentially moving billboards. Truck wrap advertising is highly effective in drawing attention and many businesses can benefit from investing in them to connect with their audience, show off their brand, and more. If you are looking for truck wraps near you in Wilmington, you should trust the team at Saltwater Signworks to get you the best design and installation job. Learn more about our custom truck wraps below.


Vinyl lettering and graphics on Roofing & Exteriors Truck

Why Invest in Commercial Truck Wraps?

Custom truck graphics aren’t the only way you can advertise your business, so why choose them? There are advantages to commercial truck wraps that you can’t always get from other marketing methods. Those include:

  • Trucks graphics are highly affordable.
  • They provide targeted, local advertising and will move when you move, allowing you to market yourself throughout new areas.
  • Truck graphics improve professionalism and make your brand look more established.

Types of Truck Wraps

There are four main kinds of vinyl truck wraps:

  • Full vehicle wraps: These vinyl wraps cover the entire painted portion of the vehicle. By covering all the paint, they offer more design freedom. They also make a larger impact on the viewer, because they can be seen from every angle.
  • Partial vehicle wraps: Partial vehicle wraps only cover a portion of the vehicle. The portion you choose should depend on your design and how you want your truck to be viewed for maximum effect. As they cover less than full wraps, they are less expensive than full wraps for vehicles of the same size.
  • Truck decals: Think of truck decals as large, high-quality stickers we can customize and place on your truck. Many people choose to add logos or other graphic details to their trucks with a decal.
  • Vinyl lettering: Vinyl lettering is made of the same material as truck wraps, but it is only the letters cut out of vinyl and nothing else. This is the least expensive option, and it is especially useful for businesses that are just starting and want to spread brand awareness.
Business Truck Wraps in Wilmington

Which Businesses Benefit from Truck Wraps?

Business truck wraps are ideal in many different industries. If you have the need to advertise to locals and you have a vehicle that you drive around town, then you can benefit from a truck wrap. Specific businesses that should consider truck wraps include:

  • Contractors
  • Entertainers
  • Home services truck
  • Food truck
  • Outdoor sporting companies
  • Furniture companies
  • Real estate agents
  • Tool and supply companies
  • Shipping and transport companies

The Cost of Truck Wraps

As our wraps are custom-made, their price will vary based on factors like size and design. We have different design options that you can choose from to get your truck wrapped and still stay within your budget. Whether you want to wrap a single truck or a whole fleet of them, we can make it more affordable, while still getting you the impactful wrap that you’re looking for. Contact us to get a free quote.

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Custom truck graphics for Ace Demo business installed in Wilmington, NC

Industry Leading Truck Wrap Provider for Wilmington Business

We offer everything from simple truck decals to customized full truck wraps. Saltwater Signworks will help you with every aspect of the wrapping process, from choosing the design elements on your wrap to coordinating colors, adding texture, getting the wrap manufactured, and getting installed. Contact us today to ask your questions about truck wraps or get started on your very own design.