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Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective ways to promote your business in Jacksonville, NC. They transform any type of vehicle into a prime marketing space. These vibrant, eye-catching advertisements can get the attention of your target audience by simply driving around town.

At Saltwater Signworks, we can create the vinyl wraps and decals of your dreams. Discover how we can take your business far and wide with the help of vehicle wraps and graphics! Call us today to learn more.


Car Wrapping

Businesses that have company cars benefit from the impact that car wraps have. Each trip becomes a marketing opportunity, whether you’re going from home to work, or anywhere else in Jacksonville.

Truck Wraps

Vehicle wraps aren’t limited to small projects. Do you have a pickup truck, semi, or food truck? We can create custom wraps that turn your truck into a mobile billboard on the road.

Fleet Wraps

According to research, a single-vehicle graphic can generate up to 70,000 impressions daily. Imagine the tens of thousands of impressions you could produce with an entire fleet of wrapped vehicles! Even adding your logo to the side of your vehicle can make a substantial difference in your visibility.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle wraps are also an impactful way to build brand awareness and recognition. Seeing your branded vehicles every day will help potential customers build both familiarity and trustworthiness with your company. With eye-catching vehicle wraps and graphics, you’ll be a household name in no time.

Full wraps for your vehicle may be the most common option. However, there are other techniques for promoting your brand through mobile advertising to consider.


Vinyl stickers are a simple yet effective way to brand your vehicles. Add them to visible spots on your car, such as the side panels, rear windshield, trunk, and hood. Use eye-catching stickers to add important information to your vehicle or boost your professionalism.


Vehicle magnets are a temporary but unique way to use your vehicles for marketing. These are typically used to add a business name and logo to cars, vans, or trucks in a temporary fashion. Car magnets can be easily applied and removed, which makes them perfect for businesses that use their personal vehicles for work purposes or contractors who work for multiple businesses.

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

At Saltwater Signworks, we design, create, and install high-quality vehicle wraps that make your business stand out. We use advanced technology and premium materials to create weather-resistant, fade-resistant vinyl wraps for your vehicles.

Our team in NC works closely with our clients. This allows us to deliver vehicle wraps that are tailored to your specific needs. Take your brand everywhere you go with custom vehicle wraps and graphics today.

Commercial truck wrap for DoodyCalls

Your Trusted Vehicle Wrapping Partner in Jacksonville, NC

Thinking about investing in vehicle wraps but don’t know where to start? Saltwater Signworks will walk you through the entire sign-making process. Consult with our sign experts regarding the best designs that highlight your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Whether you’re looking to add small vinyl stickers of your brand logo or full commercial vehicle wraps, we can help! Give us a call today to get started and receive a free consultation from our team.


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