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Vinyl Signage For Wilmington Businesses

When you have a lot of demands for your sign, but it still needs to be within budget, vinyl is a great material to choose. Vinyl can be used outdoors and indoors, it can be custom printed with any color, text, or graphic, it is highly affordable and can be applied to almost any surface. If you’re searching for vinyl signs near you, it’s wise to learn more about this option and what kind of design choices you have.


Custom Vinyl Lettering for Fifty Licks

Advantages of Vinyl Signs: Durable, Versatile & Cost-Effective

Vinyl sign and decals are made of a plastic-like material (vinyl) that may be as thin as a sheet of paper. With vinyl, we can create high-quality graphics with any colors, to match your brand colors and fonts precisely. Vinyl signage has an adhesive backing that allows it to be applied to different surfaces.

Different Types of Vinyl Signs and Lettering for Your Business Needs

There are different kinds of vinyl signs and lettering, although some are used as synonyms so it can be a little challenging to tell them apart. For example, vinyl decals are smaller signs that are usually applied to walls, glass, or flooring. Vinyl stickers are essentially the same thing. However, there are other more distinct kinds of vinyl signs. Including:

  • Vinyl banners: These banners are great to use for tradeshows, or to use on their own. Like many vinyl signs, they can be used inside and outside of your property.
  • Wall murals: Wall murals are vinyl signs that cover entire walls or most of them. These can make dramatic impacts in your space, all without the use of paint.
  • Vinyl wraps: Wraps are vinyl signs that are specially made for vehicles. We can apply vinyl to all kinds of vehicles including trucks, RVs, and more.

We can also apply vinyl to various surfaces. That includes walls, flooring, doors, ceilings, glass, drywall, and more.

Printing vinyl logos and lettering for door

Custom Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

Vinyl lettering and graphics are versatile and cost-effective. They’re perfect for businesses in Wilmington looking to create impactful signs for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Vinyl graphics are long-lasting and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes them ideal even for outdoor use.

Cut vinyl letterings are also easy to install. Removing them is easy for professionals and won’t leave surfaces damaged. They’re ideal for businesses that go through a lot of signage updates or for a company that wants to go through a rebranding.

One of the most popular applications for these signs is window graphics. This lets you transform any storefront into a vibrant, eye-catching display. Vinyl graphics and lettering can let you design window surfaces with:

  • The business’ logo
  • Branding elements
  • Promotional messages
  • Business information

Because they are easy to install and remove, these signs are ideal when you need temporary signage. They can be used to advertise seasonal promotions and events. Additionally, they can decorate your storefront to match the season. This makes your business more eye-catching and engaging.

Wall Murals & Floor Graphics

Another popular application for vinyl printing is wall murals and floor graphics. This is an excellent idea, especially for businesses that have limited advertising space. They make use of otherwise unused spaces like your floors and walls to your advantage.

Wall murals can transform any empty space into an exciting business feature. These can be used in various ways, like displaying product features, promoting events, and more. They can even simply serve as a decorative feature, creating a more memorable space.

Floor graphics, on the other hand, are great for branding and wayfinding. You can install custom decals that lead to key areas like checkout counters and restrooms. They can also be used to point customers to the latest in-store deals.

Custom vinyl printing on office wall
Custom Vinyl Signs for Offices in Wilmington

Vinyl Signs, Graphics, & Banners

Looking for a quick and easy sign option for your business? Vinyl signs and banners are one of the best marketing tools around. They get the job done without the added effort and pizzazz.

Banners can be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, these signs can be used to promote deals, events, store openings, and the like. They are also popularly used for real estate promotions.

Indoors, banners can be used as effective hanging signs. They easily catch people’s attention anywhere inside the building. These signs are also very effective during trade shows, conferences, and events in Wilmington.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

When you need to reach a wider audience, vehicle vinyl wraps and graphics are the way to go. These are vinyl adhesives applied to the vehicle surface. They can be designed in various ways, letting you add text, images, and graphics to your car.

Vehicle wraps can transform any vehicle into a mobile marketing machine. Each time the vehicle is out and about becomes an opportunity to promote your business. Unlike static signs, you’re able to reach even those who don’t frequent your area.

Increase your business visibility in Wilmington today! Let a custom wrap company like Saltwater Signworks deliver high-quality vehicle wraps for your business today. Contact us now and get a free consultation!

Vinyl wrapping on vehicle for adverting
Uses of Acrylic Signs for offices

Benefits and Uses of Vinyl Stickers and Decals

What are the uses for vinyl signs? Almost anything. Offices, retail stores, restaurants, community centers, and many other organizations all have a place for vinyl in their sign line-up. Here are some potential uses for vinyl signs:

  • Wayfinding: Help show people the way with these signs.
  • Branding: Add small or large branding to any space.
  • Atmosphere: Help change the mood and feeling in your building.
  • Connection: Connect with your customers through messages, images, and more.
  • Communication: Add in key messages, like business hours and policies.

Vinyl Printing in Wilmington

If you operate in Wilmington, we offer vinyl printing in your area. Not only is this great for just vinyl signs, but vinyl is also an excellent supplemental material for signs with mixed materials. Lobby signs, door signs, and more can all be improved and made more impactful with the addition of vinyl.

Vinyl lettering and graphics for business
Commercial Glass Doors Vinyl Sign for Santos in Wilmington

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