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Wall Graphics Are Great For Events & Offices

Saltwater Signworks offers high-quality wall graphics for businesses in Wilmington. What can wall decals offer your business? They can bring branding, atmosphere, color, marketing, and so much more to your walls. Wall decals are useful for a huge range of businesses and organizations. We’ve seen wall decals make great lobby signs in offices, branded bathroom signs in restaurants, helpful wayfinding signs in workspaces, and more. There are plenty of interesting, custom wall decals in Wilmington that could benefit your business. Learn more about vinyl wall graphics below.


Wrapping custom wallpaper printed by Saltwater Signworks

What Is a Wall Decal?

Wall decals are designs and graphics that are printed onto vinyl and adhered to walls. Manufacturers create vinyl sheets that are durable, scratch resistant, and flexible. They arrive plain and then need to have your custom design printed onto them. We offer wall decal printing in Wilmington, NC, and can help you create the perfect design to fit your needs.

Types of Wall Graphics & Decals

Are there different types of wall decals? Typically, wall decals are split up based on their intended purposes. For example, a wall decal for branding and one for wayfinding would be grouped separately, despite being made, manufactured and mounted in the same way. The biggest difference would be the design that is printed on the vinyl.

Decals for walls may also be defined by their shape, color, size, or by where they are applied. We can help you get the right kind of vinyl for your needs.

Custom artwork with backlighting installed on wall

Uses of Vinyl Graphics for Wall

All wall signs are fairly flexible in their use, but business wall graphics are the most flexible of all. There are many uses for these signs, some of which might surprise you. Here are some ideas to inspire you to consider using wall decals.

  • Add branding elements to the walls of your business.
  • Add wayfinding information throughout your business.
  • Place each person’s name on their office door with a splash of color.
  • Add hours and other information to your front door.

What Is the Cost of Wall Decals?

The cost of your wall decals will depend on several factors, most notably their size, and their design. Contact us to request a free quote.

Cost of Bathroom Signs
Vinyl wall graphics of Milkshake bar installed by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington, NC

Contact Us for Wall Wraps and Graphics Services in Wilmington

Are you looking for wall graphics near you? Work with our experienced team at Saltwater Signworks for all of the wall graphics you need. We can help with everything from initial inspiration to the installation of your vinyl wall decals. Contact us today.