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Beautiful Wall Murals for Business in Wilmington, NC

Custom Wall Murals in Wilmington

You don’t need to fuss with the difficult painting process to get an eye-catching mural. We offer custom wall murals in Wilmington that are made for commercial businesses. These affordable, vinyl signs are deceptively simple yet effective. There are so many great ways an office, store, or other business can use wall murals and so many spaces where they work. Learn more about these fantastic business sign options below.


Creative Wall Murals for Offices in Wilmington

What Is a Wall Mural?

While you may think of wall murals as exclusively being made of paint, we have a better option for you. We offer interior wall murals made of vinyl sheets. These full-wall signs are made of similar material as those used for vehicle wraps and wall graphics. This thin, plastic-like sheet can have any graphics or text printed on it and can create high-quality, photorealistic images or engaging designs.

Uses of Wall Murals

There aren’t so much different types of wall murals as there are different uses for them. You can combine these uses or get a wall mural to just serve one of them. Here are some of those uses:

  • Add branding: Wall murals with your brand name and other brand elements are perfect additions to spaces like lobbies, office hallways, entrances, and even retail buildings. Branded murals can help you make a stronger connection with your customers.
  • Tell your story: Wall murals can be very large signs, and with all that space you can tell more complex stories. One of the best options is to tell your brand’s story or company history. This is great to connect with customers and with staff, making it a great dual-purpose investment.
  • Inspire: What brand values do you want to focus on and help inspire others? Murals are great opportunities for community outreach that can help you inspire others.
  • Atmosphere: Many businesses, from restaurants to health care settings, want to create the right environment to help clients relax and enjoy themselves. Murals can help create just the right atmosphere for your business.

We offer 3D wall murals as well as decorative wall murals that can achieve all these purposes.

Custom Office Vinyl Wall Murals in Wilmington

Why Choose Wall Murals over Wallpaper?

When compared to vinyl murals, wallpaper just doesn’t offer enough benefits. Office wallpaper is challenging to apply and remove. It does not protect the paint beneath it. Wallpaper is also available in a very limited range of styles and colors as compared to vinyl sheets, which can be customized with any design that you need.

The Cost of Wall Murals

What will a vinyl wall mural cost? It depends on several factors like the size and design of your business wall mural. We offer clear estimates so that you understand exactly what you’ll pay. Not sure what you want? Let our experienced team help you generate great office mural ideas.

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Personalized Wall Murals for Offices Installed by Saltwater Signworks

Choose Us for Your Wilmington Murals

If you live in Wilmington and are looking for wall mural installers near you, then you have found the right company. At Saltwater Signworks we have experts who can help you through every step in your wall mural-making process, from your initial ideas to installation. Trust us as your wall mural installers in Wilmington, NC, and reach out to us today.