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Window Films in Wilmington

Are you looking for window film near you? You can get window film for the glass windows and walls in your office, retail space, or other property. It can be decorative or for privacy and glare protection. Either way, it is an important improvement for many businesses and organizations.  Saltwater Signworks offers window tinting in Wilmington. Reach out to discuss your window film options or learn more about it below.


Types of Window Film

All window film should be custom-cut to the exact specifications of your windows. There are different types of window film that are suited to different purposes. Learn more about the types of window film below:

  • Frosted window film: This is also known as privacy window film because it offers privacy without blocking light. The frosted effect looks like permanent window fog. Or it can have other textures. The idea is that it obscures details from behind the glass.
  • Glare-reducing film: In modern work environments, most people spend most of their time looking at screens. This can be a problem if the windows cause glare. You can use window film to eliminate glare.
  • Decorative window film: Add color, text, graphics, and other decorative elements to any space with windows or glass with film. We can help you perfect your design and enhance your property, whether you want it to look better for clients or staff.
  • Insulating film: Film can also insulate your property from the heat of the sun, cutting down on UV light (which also has the benefit of protecting fabrics from fading). This can make your property more energy efficient.
  • Anti-graffiti film: You can protect surfaces from graffiti with a specialized film that makes it harder for the paint to adhere to your window and easier to clean it off.
  • One-way window film: These window graphics allow people inside your business to see out of the windows while those outside your business would see large, branded graphics in your window space.

Uses of Window Film

Window film has many uses. Here are some ideas:

  • Better working environment: Office window tint is a great option for making the working environment more comfortable. You can reduce heat, glare, and light, allowing your staff to focus on what matters—their work.
  • Privacy for sensitive meetings: Sometimes, you may need to hold sensitive or private meetings. This is very difficult if your office has large, transparent windows. Window tinting can offer you that privacy.
  • Color and life in glass offices: Window film for an office doesn’t have to be all about privacy. Commercial window tinting can offer style. Add text and graphics to make your window a marketing asset. Or just change the atmosphere and feeling of a space.
  • Energy-efficiency in your store: Window tinting on very large windows can help keep your air conditioning costs lower by allowing less sunlight and heat to pass through.
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Cost of Window Film

What is the cost of window film? That depends on what type of window film you choose and how much of it you need. Sometimes, to save costs, you might apply film to only certain parts of the window. For example, if you want to block afternoon light, applying film at the top of the windows is more important. Our designers can help you get window film within your budget, and we’ll give you a clear estimate before you commit.

Choose Saltwater Signworks for Your Window Film

When you want window glass film, reach out to Saltwater Signworks. Our team of window film installation experts of Wilmington, NC is eager to help. Contact us today to get an estimate.

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