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Wilmington Window Graphics

Window graphics are one of the most flexible types of signs. When you need to grab attention, communicate your message, and drive sales, window graphics are a great tool. Outside of being used as a marketing tool, window graphics are perfect for adding privacy, improving the look of your space, and creating a better work environment for your staff. Custom window decals can benefit any type of space.

We offer vinyl window signs in Wilmington. Learn more about them here.


Types of Window Graphics

Window graphics are made of thin vinyl sheets, onto which we print your chosen pattern. However, the typical decorative window graphic is not your only option. There are other types of window graphics you can use, including:

  • Frosted window graphics: Instead of having text or images, frosted window graphics have a blurred or foggy effect which, while it allows light through, also blurs anything behind the window. These custom window graphics are ideal to add privacy to spaces with a lot of windows, or a lot of glass, without blocking the natural light.
  • Perforated window graphics: Perforated window graphics have small holes in them which allow you to see through them on one side while appearing opaque on the other. This is ideal when you want to be able to see out of the window but have an advertisement able to be seen from the outside. Storefront window graphics are often perforated.
  • Decorative window graphics: These window graphics have images and text and are meant primarily as a marketing tool or as a decorative element of the space. These can be more like window stickers or full sheets.
  • Transparent window graphics: Some graphics are meant to reduce glare or add UV protection. They may be clear window graphics.

Not sure which type/types would best serve your business? Let our experienced team be your guide! We offer window graphic printing in Wilmington and can help you make the right decision for your space. We also offer window graphic installation in Wilmington when it comes time to apply the graphic.

Uses for Window Graphics

Window advertising graphics are one of the most flexible types of signs. Here are some of the many uses:

  • Privacy: In confidential or sensitive settings, adding frosted window graphics is helpful to make your property feel more secure and private.
  • Branding: Logo window decals provide a great opportunity to enhance your branding at the front of a store or in your office.
  • Promotions: Retail window graphics are most often used for promotions, to indicate an active sale, or draw attention to other deals.
  • Atmosphere: Windows can add décor and atmosphere to your space, creating a welcoming environment for your clients and employees.
  • Inspiration: Logos on windows aren’t your only option. You can add sayings, memorable messages, and other inspiring words or images.
Custom Window Advertising Graphics in Wilmington
Vinyl Glass Window Sign for Belgard in Wilmington

Other Window Graphic Questions

What is the cost of window graphics? That depends on the size of the graphic, the type of graphic, and the design. We can give you an accurate estimate so you know how much your specific graphic will cost.

Can you remove window graphics? Yes, you can easily remove window graphics if you decide you no longer want them on your window. Some use temporary business window graphics, others use window graphics for many years.

Wilmington Window Decals

We offer window graphics in Wilmington, NC. If you are looking for perforated window decals for businesses near you (or more generally for window graphics near you) then you should reach out to our expert team at Saltwater Signworks.

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