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Custom Yard Signs in Wilmington, NC

Yard Signs in Wilmington

Advertising in residential areas is simple with yard signs, which offer a direct line of sight to your potential customers. For businesses, yard signs are an affordable way to advertise to very specific local communities. You can pepper lawn signs across larger communities and help develop your brand presence in the community.


Who Can Use Lawn Signs?

Lawn signs are made of corrugated plastic and can be easily placed on any spot on a lawn. They aren’t just limited to use outside of homes. They can also be used on the grass outside of your retail location, or outside of your organization’s headquarters. As they are inexpensive and exposed to the elements, these business signs are usually used for temporary purposes. Home sales, elections, and festivals are all smart options to advertise with lawn signs. Who might need these signs?

  • Local businesses
  • Real estate agents
  • Political candidates
  • Contractors
  • Home service providers
  • Construction companies
  • Festival/event organizers
  • Many more

When you’re designing these signs, it is important to keep readability in mind. Yard sign letters should be large enough to be read from a moderate distance and the letters should be larger if they are meant for people driving by as opposed to walking by.

Types of Yard Signs

Corrugated plastic yard signs can be differentiated by the frames. The thin metal bars in the sign are what allows them to be set up on the lawn. The two general kinds of frames are:

  • H-frames: This is the basic yard sign frame type. The top of the H is inserted into the sign and the bottom tines go into the ground.
  • I-frames: The I-frame connects the two legs and typically also has a smaller bar near the top which holds the sign up and prevents it from sliding down the leg.

You may have also heard of bandit signs. These are yard signs by another name.

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Custom Made Yard Signs in Wilmington

Aren’t Bandit Signs Controversial?

Yes, in some areas, bandit signs are somewhat frowned upon. The problem is not the signs themselves, but how people use them. Some companies will place their signs on others’ property without permission. This becomes an even bigger problem when the company keeps replacing the unwanted sign. We produce custom bandit signs, but we know they work best when you place them where you have permission to do so.

Uses of Yard Signs

What are some uses for yard signs? Custom lawn signs are great marketing for a wide variety of businesses with unique needs. Some of the best uses include:

  • Increasing brand presence in a specific area.
  • Demonstrating that neighbors have chosen your business.
  • Advertising a home for sale in its neighborhood.
  • Encouraging people to vote for your candidate.
  • Developing brand identity for a new business.
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What Is the Cost of Yard Signs?

The cost of yard sign printing in Wilmington varies depending on the size of the sign, the type of frame, and the design of the sign, among other things. We can provide you with accurate quotes for the specific yard signs and designs that you have. Reach out to us today.

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