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Custom Printed Plexiglass & Frosted Acrylic Panel Signs

Custom acrylic signs are one of the most useful sign types there are. Although you may know the material by the name plexiglass, there are multiple types of acrylics. The material is completely moldable and can be dyed any color or left transparent, depending on your needs. Its sheer flexibility means that acrylic can be used for a huge range of sign types, helping you stand out in multiple ways. We offer plexiglass signs in Wilmington and can show you the amazing range of uses of these signs, from an eye-catching lobby sign to a practical washroom sign. Learn more about these interesting signs and how you might put them to use for your own business.


The Versatile Material: Acrylic Signs for Office

Acrylic is a plastic-like material that is solid at room temperature, but when heated, can be easily formed or cut into any shape needed. Plexiglass is one type of acrylic, the clear kind that looks like glass. However, there are other types of acrylics (which we will discuss below.) Ultimately, an acrylic sign is any sign that is primarily made from acrylic. However, acrylic is a great supporting material that is often used in signs that are made of metal or wood. Channel letters are a great example. While the body of the letter is often metal, the face of these signs is usually acrylic.

Types of Acrylic Used in Sign Manufacturing

There are three main types of acrylics we might use for sign manufacturing, including:

  • Clear acrylic signs: Clear acrylic is most recognizable as plexiglass. While you can make a sign out of just this clear material, it is more often used to provide seamless backing for dyed acrylic or other materials. For example, placing lobby sign lettering on clear acrylic can help the lettering stand out more.
  • Frosted acrylic signs: Frosted acrylic is translucent and appears blurred or “frosted.” You can customize these signs to be more opaque if needed. Frosted effects can lend great texture to signs and help make a more visually interesting sign. They can also help to create privacy in a space without blocking light.
  • Mirror acrylic signs: Mirror acrylic has a reflective surface in which you can see yourself. It is a great element for some signs, helping them reflect light and catch more attention.
Uses of Acrylic Signs for offices

Discover the Versatile Benefits of Custom Acrylic Signs

As acrylic can be used in so many different signs, both inside and outside, there are many uses for them like brand promotion, connecting with your customer, and meeting ADA regulations. There is a use for an acrylic sign in every space. For example, acrylic wall signs can be used for anything from lobby signs in offices to signs labeling sections of a retail store. They can boldly communicate essential information or, when smaller, they can be used for more practical purposes, like labeling bathrooms. Frosted plexiglass signs can add privacy and texture to spaces, which is especially useful in offices. Clear acrylic signage is a great supporting sign or material that helps other elements of a space or sign stand out.

Affordable Custom Acrylic Signage Option

If you are searching for acrylic signs near you, your second question is likely to be all about cost. Share your acrylic signage ideas with us and we can lay out price points for you. We’re committed to helping you get a sign that is within your budget, and still has all the custom flourishes you need.

Cost of Bathroom Signs
Custom Acrylic Signage for Spa & Beauty in Wilmington

Get Professional Acrylic Sign Fabrication in Wilmington

At Saltwater Signworks, we offer exceptional sign design and manufacturing, including acrylic sign printing. Reach out to us if you need acrylic or plexiglass in Wilmington.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic is a plastic polymer sometimes referred to as plexiglass.  It is important to know that not all acrylic is of the quality for sign making so be sure to seek guidance from a sign-making professional before purchasing an acrylic sign.  There are different kinds of acrylic, including mirror acrylic and clear acrylic (plexiglass.) Acrylic is an ideal material for signs because it is cost-effective and highly customizable.

Yes, acrylic signs may be designed for use indoors or outdoors. However, you do have to ensure that your sign was designed for outdoor use before placing it outside as you don’t want it to be ruined. Outdoor signs need to be able to stand up to the elements such as wind, rain, humidity, heat, etc.

Acrylic signs can last for several years but can also be designed for temporary use. Tell us how long you want your sign to last, and we can help you get a high-quality sign that meets the needs of your application.  There are other materials we can or may need to use to get your sign the longevity you need.

They are reasonably durable for signs at their price point. They are resistant to many sources of wear, including sun and rain. They can also resist minor scratches and minor impacts. Acrylic signs are often used when you want the appearance of glass with higher durability and shatter resistance.

Most acrylic signs are low-maintenance.  Depending on whether your acrylic sign is located inside or outside, you may need to wipe it down occasionally.  

Acrylic signs are not intended to be single-use, so yes, they are reusable. You can use a sign for multiple weeks, months, or years. You can use an acrylic sign for certain seasons and store it for the rest of the year if needed. There are many ways to reuse acrylic signs.

Acrylic signs are designed to be water resistant, especially those that are intended for outdoor use.  You can place acrylic signs outside where they will be exposed to the rain. You can also use them in humid or wet environments, making them an excellent option for signs at beaches, pools or water parks.

Acrylic signs are customizable so their sizing can be designed to perfectly fit your space. Work with our team of designers to get the perfect size acrylic sign for your business.

Plexiglass is a name for a specific kind of acrylic: transparent acrylic. This is a plastic-like material that is see-through like glass. It’s not as durable as some forms of acrylic but it is simpler to mold into unique shapes for signs and is also very cost-effective.