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Amazing Bathroom Signs in Wilmington, NC

Bathroom Signs in Wilmington

Bathroom signs might just be the sign that people take for granted the most in Wilmington. While it’s true that these signs are practical necessities for the bathrooms of any business, that’s not all they are. Custom bathroom signs can contribute to the look and feel of your space, fit in with your branding, and signal that you comply with regulations and are accessible to everyone. If you are searching for “bathroom signs near me” in Wilmington, then you should work with our team at Saltwater Signworks. Learn more below.


Customizable Outdoor Directional Restroom Signs by Saltwater Signworks

What is a Bathroom Sign?

A bathroom sign is any sign that indicates where a bathroom is, even if it isn’t the main sign right next to the bathroom door. Any sign that indicates a restroom, whether it is an office bathroom sign or one in an event venue, may need to meet ADA requirements. This is important to keep in mind when designing your business signs, or when choosing which company to handle your signage. Our knowledgeable professionals at Saltwater Signworks will ensure you’re compliant with ADA regulations.

Types of Bathroom Signs

Every bathroom needs to have a sign, and there are a lot of style possibilities for these signs. Here are a handful of specific bathroom signs that you need to know:

  • ADA restroom signs: You will likely need bathroom signs that follow ADA regulations. These signs need braille, pictograms, and to be placed within a certain range of the door.
  • All-gender bathroom signs: These are also called unisex bathroom signs. They signal that the bathroom can be used by everyone.
  • Decorative bathroom signs: Common in restaurants and other commercial properties with atmosphere, these bathroom signs are for adding personality. They usually label doors with a metaphor instead of directly labeling the genders for the doors. For example, a steak house with a bull on the men’s bathroom sign and a cow on the women’s sign.
ADA Signs for Bathroom Wall in Wilmington

Why Invest in Bathroom Signs?

You could just use bare-bones bathroom signs and meet legal requirements. To some that might seem like the best decision for the basic uses of bathroom signs. However, you can get more elaborate, better-designed signs with better materials. Here’s why we think you should show your bathroom signs some more care:

  • Sign synergy: Your signs work together as a team. You don’t want certain signs to clash in design or quality with other signs you have posted in your business.
  • Aesthetics: Your bathroom signs are also décor elements for your space. When they look good, your space looks better overall.
  • Branding: You can include branding on your bathroom signs through fonts and colors.

The Cost of Bathroom Signs

Restroom signs can be very affordable, although you may prefer to invest in a higher-quality sign. Either way, you are probably wondering what your bathroom signs will cost. It depends on how many you need, the materials you want to use, and a few other aspects of your design. We can work with you to get you a bathroom sign that is within your budget. Be sure to contact our team to receive a free quote.

Cost of Bathroom Signs
Custom ADA Restroom Signs for Offices in Wilmington

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