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Saltwater Signworks is a trusted outdoor sign provider in the Wilmington, NC. When you need to be noticed, quality outdoor business signs are among the best options. Could your business use a boost in foot traffic, a better brand identity, or a stronger presence in your community? Outdoor business signs can achieve all of this for retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing plants, churches, schools, and other community organizations. Whatever your specific needs for your signs are, Saltwater Signworks can help! Our expert design team can create unique, elegant, custom signs that make your property look great and represent your business well.


Lighted box sign design by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington

Outdoor Signage: Understanding Permanent vs Temporary Options and Material Durability

Outdoor signage includes any sign that you might place outside, from pylon signs that tower over everything to simple post and panel signs that are only temporary. When you’re considering outdoor signage, you need to know whether you’d like the sign to be permanent or temporary and how its materials will stand up to the elements, including wind, rain, and sun. For example, outdoor metal signs may need to be treated to prevent rusting.

Maximizing the Purpose of Exterior Business Signs

When you think of outdoor signs, building signs may be the first thing that comes to mind. But labeling the building is far from the only thing that you can accomplish with these signs. Here are more uses for them:

  • Wayfinding: Where is your building? Help people locate it (especially if you’re in a busy plaza or far back from the street) with an outdoor sign.
  • Advertising: You can add signs to promote specific services or products at your location. Choose permanent signs or temporary signs depending on your needs.
  • Communication: Display your hours, store policies, or any other critical information with clear signs.
  • Connection: Add character or motivational sayings with outdoor signs to connect more with the community and promote your organization or your values.
  • Branding: Let the exterior of your business continue to add value by using outdoor signs to show what makes your business unique.

What if you need your sign to fulfill multiple purposes? Many businesses do. As an outdoor sign company in Wilmington, we can help you meet your goals with signage.

Types of Interior Signs

Types of Custom Outdoor Signs for Business

We offer a huge variety of custom outdoor signs, including:

Many of these are exterior lighted signs that can get more attention and make a bigger impact on onlookers with their light. We have many different lighting options you can explore for these signs.

Expertly Designed Exterior Building Sign

Exterior signage is at its best when it is well-designed and customized for your business. We can use elements of the sign that might surprise you to make it reflect your branding, including the right materials, finishes, and shape of the sign. We use artistry to make signs more impactful.

Custom outdoor sign for business advertising manufactured by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington, NC
Custom outdoor sign of Optimum Fire & Security business

Custom Exterior Signage And Sign Fabrication In Wilmington

If you’re looking for “outdoor signs near me” you’ve found the right place. At Saltwater Signworks we can help you get the best signs for your business or property. Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor signage is any type of sign found outside of a building or open area. They are typically used for advertising, branding, and informational purposes. These signs can include storefront signs, monument signs and more. They help get the attention of passersby and drive more traffic to your business.

The purpose of outdoor signage is to deliver information to anyone who is passing by. This includes business information, directions, or promoting a product or service. Outdoor signs help increase your business’s visibility and spark the interest of your target audience. They are helpful wayfinding tools, making it easier for customers to find you.

The signs found outside of a building are typically referred to as outdoor signs or exterior signs. These signs exist to identify the name and type of a business or organization. They also identify which businesses occupy a building or complex. It helps promote these businesses to their target audience.

The cost of outdoor signs for a business varies depending on several factors. This includes the sign type, quality of materials, size, design, and more. At Saltwater Signworks, we offer a wide array of options to satisfy your business and budget needs. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote.

They say that the absence of signs deters people from visiting a place of business. Signs help identify who and what your business is. They also make your business known to your community. Lastly, signs are a symbol of credibility. This makes your customers more comfortable about doing business with you.

There are different types of materials used to create outdoor signage. The choice depends on the specific type of sign you choose. Rest assured, outdoor signs are made with durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements and inclement weather. Examples of these materials include aluminum, acrylic, bricks, foam core, and the like.

The way exterior business signs are created varies depending on the specific type of sign you want. When you’ve chosen a type of sign, it is designed through software or a graphic designer. Once designed, you choose the materials and size. Sign makers will then manufacture your signs and bring them to life.

Yes, outdoor signs are typically made to be durable. This is because they are usually made with materials that can withstand outdoor elements like dirt, rain, snow, and sunlight. At Saltwater Signworks, we make sure to use premium materials to ensure your sign’s durability. Contact us today to learn more.

Outdoor signs can be made waterproof by creating them with waterproof materials like acrylic and vinyl. However, not all outdoor signs are automatically waterproof. Some are made to be only resistant to moisture and cannot withstand constant exposure. Make sure to consult with your sign maker if you need waterproof signage.

There are plenty of signage companies in Wilmington. However, Saltwater Signworks is a popular choice among many business owners. We offer a wide selection of outdoor sign options that can satisfy both your business and budget needs. We aim to deliver high-quality signs with excellent customer service. Call us today to learn more.