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Environmental Graphic Design in Wilmington

The environment in your building is important. Whether you cater to customers, staff, guests, or clients, they will have a better experience if you are thoughtful about the environment in which they spend time. Creating a positive environment in your space can encourage good moods among the people in it. This is a powerful way to help people connect with your brand and keep your employees motivated. As an environmental design agency in Wilmington, Saltwater Signworks can help you achieve all of this.


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What are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics is a relatively new term, originating in office interior design and spreading to many other kinds of design. This refers to the sign or graphic component of environmental design. This is a high-end design strategy all about creating a cohesive space that encourages people to have the experience you want them to have. In an office, you might want an inspirational atmosphere or a motivational one in a retail store.
Environmental graphic design has enhanced modern office business signs, which are now more in tune with the rest of the stylistic elements around them. However, office interior design is far from the only application of this design strategy.

The Uses of Environmental Graphics

While the full environmental design might require architects, landscapers, and other designers, we are focused on the sign component. Signs can inform your office interiors, create soothing or engaging visuals, and much more. Using the color, typography, shape and even texture of a sign can help contribute to the environment that you need to cultivate. Some of the ways you can use these graphics include:

  • Create a feeling of safety and calmness
  • Create community with corporate office branding
  • Explain your brand story in your office interior
  • Foster community connections in recreational areas
  • Generate excitement in stadiums and other sporting arenas
  • Foster relaxation and rejuvenation in spa environments
  • Create emotional connections with your branding
  • Promote your values or your culture
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Potential Environmental Signs

There are many different types of environmental graphics. Ideally, every sign in your space should fit in with the overall environment. This can include often-overlooked signs, like bathroom signs, ceiling wayfinding signs, floor graphics, and other elements that you might not normally consider to be focal points. These signs are best designed with the other elements of your space in mind.

Who Can Use Environmental Signs?

Modern office signs aren’t the only environmental graphics we can produce. Other places and businesses that can use environmental graphic design include:

  • Large residential buildings
  • Medical offices and hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Marketplaces
  • Indoor plazas

Essentially any place in Wilmington with communal spaces can benefit from enhancing that space with environmental interior design.

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Your Environmental Design Firm in Wilmington, NC

What is the cost of environmental signs? What are the design possibilities for your space? Is environmental design right for you? These are all questions that Saltwater Signworks can answer for you. We offer modern office interior design and much more. Contact us today to start on your new space.