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Advertising with Vehicle Wraps for Businesses

Driving around, you will see many vehicle wraps in Wilmington. Why do different businesses choose to advertise using vehicle wraps? These are local, highly effective signs that you only pay for one time, but which keep generating impressions for years. There are many reasons for any business, from a small sole proprietorship to a large delivery service with a fleet of vehicles, to invest in car wraps in Wilmington. Discover what you need to know about these highly effective business signs below.


Types of Custom Vehicle Wraps: Full, Partial, and Vehicle Lettering

The design of every wrap is custom, not just in visuals but also to fit your vehicle specifically. Still, there are some basic types of wraps that you should know:

  • Full vehicle wraps: These wraps cover the entire vehicle (except for the glass) with your branding. These are the most effective kind of vehicle wraps.
  • Partial vehicle wraps: Partial wraps may only cover the back or the front of the vehicle. They leave some of the original paint visible, so it is important to keep that in mind during the design process.
  • Vehicle lettering: Best for when you don’t need to add a whole wrap to your vehicle. Instead, you can add your brand name and other information, like your website or phone number. This is the lowest-cost option.

As vinyl wrap specialists, we can help your find which type of wrap is best for your goals, design ideas, and budget.

Ways to Use Commercial Vehicle Graphics and Decals

Why are so many businesses, from start-ups to highly established national chains, drawn to auto wraps? They help businesses at essentially any stage of growth. Here are some ways to use custom vehicle wraps:

  • Use them on food trucks to display your products and meal options.
  • Place lettering on your truck to start generating interest for your new business.
  • Catch the eyes of people in your community by displaying your vehicle branding with exciting colors and graphics.

Need some more unique ideas for custom auto wraps in Wilmington? Check out our gallery or bring us the ideas you find online, and we can help you make the design a reality.

Commercial vinyl wrap installed on van

Cost of Vehicle Wraps in Wilmington

What does a custom vinyl wrap cost? It will depend on several factors. Large vehicles and full wraps will differ in price from partial wraps or smaller vehicles. Some other factors may impact the price, including the design specifics. However, we can give you a free quote to ensure that your vehicle wrapping project fits within your budget.

Maximizing the Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Why choose vehicle wraps over other kinds of marketing? There are many benefits of these wraps, including:

  • Lower cost
  • Local advertising
  • High ROI
  • Improved professionalism

There are many other benefits of working with vehicle wrap shops in Wilmington to enhance your vehicle with interesting visuals. We can give you design tips to help you make the most of your wrap and make it as appealing as possible to your target customer while keeping your brand integrity.

Vinyl wrapping on vehicle for adverting
Commercial truck wrap on e-bike printed by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington

Get Your Custom Vehicle Wraps at Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington

Are you searching for vehicle wraps near you? Saltwater Signworks can help with every step of the process, from determining the type of wrap to creating the design and then installing the wrap on your vehicle. We can help everyone from those who need simple lettering to those who need custom wraps for their whole fleet. Reach out to us today to discuss your vehicle wraps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle wraps are a way to turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement for your business. They add color, text, graphics, and personality to your vehicle. They are made of a thin vinyl material that is tough and resists the impacts of water and ultraviolet rays in order to look good on your vehicle for years.

The best vehicle wrap material is vinyl sheets made by 3M. These sheets do come in different weights, and the weight, or thickness, of the wrap does contribute to its durability and its quality. We use high-end vehicle wrap materials like this to ensure you get the best wrap possible.

Yes, in Wilmington, car wraps are typically worth the cost. The specifics will, of course, come down to what your business wants to accomplish and who you want to reach. However, Wilmington is a dense area where your vehicle wraps do have the opportunity to make an impact on a large number of people, which makes them worth the cost.

There are three main different types of wraps available: full wraps, partial wraps, and graphics. Full wraps cover the entire painted portion of the vehicle. Partial wraps cover only a large portion of the vehicle. Typically, this is the front half or the back half. Graphics, or lettering, are much smaller and cover much less.

Yes, vehicle wraps are highly durable and can be driven around or left outside for years without noticeable fading from the sun or damage from rain or water. They can be scratch-resistant and, as such, have a very long life. It is notable that they are also durable enough to protect the paint beneath them.

On a car, your average vinyl wrap will last a few years. After this, it may start to fade from sun exposure or give in to other sources of damage. Of course, vehicle wraps may also be damaged in the kind of accident that would normally damage car paint. Otherwise, these are very long-lived signs.

You get the professionals to do it. Removing a car wrap is not a DIY job. It can require special equipment, and it is not as simple as just ripping the wrap off. In order to protect the paint beneath the vinyl wrap, we strongly encourage you to seek professional help with removing your wrap.

The process of removing an old vinyl wrap from your vehicle is relatively straightforward, but it is not as simple as just peeling it off. We suggest that you always reach out for professional assistance getting the wrap off, even if it is very old and worn, as that may not have loosened the adhesive.

Car wraps last a very long time. While they can get damaged in accidents, wraps are very resistant to more normal sources of damage, such as exposure to the sun and rain. Car wraps should last a few years; however, this is also somewhat dependent on your climate and how often the vehicle is parked inside a garage.

There are many reasons to consider putting a decal on your vehicle. You might want to put a decal just to express your personal style and make your vehicle look nicer. More often, you will want to place a decal on your vehicle to help advertise your business and get your brand name out there.