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Store Front Channel Letters & Lit Shape Signs Wilmington

Go bold with signage on the front of your building and choose channel letter signs. These are thick, dimensional, bright signs that we can completely customize for your brand. Whether you’re a retail location, restaurant, office building, manufacturing plant, or any other commercial property, you can benefit from custom channel letter signs that show off your brand. Some large residential buildings even use channel letter signs to label their building or its address. These signs are both useful and highly impactful. If you’re in Wilmington, you can learn more about them from Saltwater Signworks.


Storefront Channel Letter Sign for Southwood Pharmacy in Wilmington

What is a Channel Letter?

Every letter in one of these signs is a unique object, constructed separately from the rest of the sign. They are almost like their own mini signs. Each letter is made of a solid casing in metal and is usually given an acrylic face to add color. In front-lit signs, the most popular form of channel letter signs, the light is housed inside the letter and shines through the front.

Different Types of LED Channel Letter Signs

LED channel letter signs is the general name for these signs, but there are a few different types. Most of them are constructed in the same way but have different lighting options. The types include:

  • Front-lit signs: As we mentioned above, these are the classic channel letter signs, with LED lights inside of them and shining out the front.
  • Halo-lit channel letters: Also known as reverse channel letters, these signs do not have internal lighting. Instead, there is a light mounted behind the letters which create a ring of light or “halo” effect.
  • Combination: Channel letter signs can also have a combination of these two lighting effects, or other unique lighting options, talk to us for more details.

You can also choose the type of material that you’d like your channel letter sign to be made from. As an outdoor sign, some of the best material options for channel letters are metals like steel and aluminum. Aluminum is less expensive, but steel is a more durable choice. We can help you decide which is best for your sign.

Outdoor Building Sign Fabricated By Saltwater Signworks In Wilmington

Uses of Channel letters - Open Face Neon and LED Lighted Letters

Throughout Wilmington, you won’t just see storefront channel letter signs (although that is a major use for these signs.) You can also see channel letter signs used for various other purposes including:

  • Non-retail branding: Every commercial property, industrial property, and other building can use a channel letter sign for branding.
  • Inside stores and more: You can use channel letters inside to denote different areas in the building.
  • Event venues: You may use channel letters to make a statement at event venues.

Channel Letter Signs Cost

What will a channel letter sign cost you? Because these signs are custom-made, their cost will vary between different signs. Contact our team today and request a free quote.

Channel Letters Sign On Storefront Installed By Saltwater Signworks In Jacksonville
LED Channel Letters Signage for Dunkin Donuts in Wilmington

Illuminated Channel Letters and Halo Effect Sign Fabrication Company Wilmington

If you are searching for channel letters near you then you have found the right channel letter manufacturer in Wilmington, NC. Our sign designers can help you get the perfect design to represent your brand and draw in customers. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different things that a business can do with channel letter signs. It is most common for a business to use these signs on their storefront, to announce where they are to the community. As the main outdoor signs for most businesses, channel letters are highly important signs.

That depends on your logo design. Some logos are simple, and it is easy to translate their design to a channel letter. Logos with clean lines look the best when translated into channel letters. More intricate logos can be used as designs on lightboxes that complement your channel letters.  

All channel letters are attached separately to the surface on which they are mounted. Unlike cabinet signs, each letter is its own independent structure. The letters must be attached securely, but the precise method of attachment depends on the material of the building to which they are to be mounted.   The letters can also be mounted to a raceway so rather than installing individual letters, they are attached to a track that is then attached to the wall.

Channel letters are a type of sign. Each letter is made of sturdy material, usually metal, and given an acrylic face to add color. Most channel letters have LED lights embedded into them, but they may also have lights mounted on the outside of them as well.

Channel letters are complex signs that are made of multiple materials. They need metal to make up most of the letter itself, often aluminum or steel. The face of the letter is often made of a different material, to allow light to come through. Acrylic is a popular choice.

Reverse channel letters have “reversed” lights. Instead of pouring out the front of the letter, lights are mounted behind the letter. This gives the letters a halo-like look. This is why reverse channel letters are also called halo-lit letters.

This mounting style is when the letters are mounted to the wall directly, with spacing between them. This style allows them to have their unique shadow and halo effect, without the distraction of a raceway.

LED lights can be placed inside of the letter themselves, where they are held in place with fasteners and/or adhesive. Or you can put the lights outside of the letters on the building. We can help you with the design of the lighting for your sign.

A channel letter sign is a complex sign which can range in price depending on the features that are customized. We can help you understand what your specific channel letter sign will cost. Our team can help you design a sign that not only gets your business noticed, but meets your budget.

Channel letters can either be mounted individually or attached to a raceway that is then mounted to the wall. We can help you choose a style that is both safe for your building and its materials and that will make your channel letter sign and its specific lighting style look great. Let us walk you through your mounting options.