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Ceiling Signs in Wilmington

Ceiling signs are an excellent choice when you need a sign in a spot where there isn’t a wall. Some hanging signs are great for wayfinding. Indoor hanging ceiling signs aren’t your only option, either. You can hang signs from some awnings, making a great addition to your front-end signs. Discover this underutilized sign type and how it can benefit your business today.


Custom Directional Ceiling signs for Airport in Wilmington

What Are Ceiling Signs?

Ceiling signs are simply signs that hang from the ceiling. A ceiling sign could also be a vinyl applied to the ceiling that viewers look up at, such as an image above a dentist’s chair to help the patient relax. In most cases though, a ceiling sign hangs down.

Types of Ceiling Signs

We create custom ceiling signs that can include your branding, your messaging, and any content you desire. Here are some types of ceiling signs:

  • Drop ceiling signs: These are thin metal signs that slot into ceiling panels. They meet OSHA requirements and are useful for necessary signs, like exit signs, when you need to use your budget for other things.
  • Vinyl ceiling signs: Vinyl signs are made of a thin, plastic-like material that can adhere to many surfaces, including ceiling drywall.
  • Metal or plastic ceiling signs: Signs made of heavier materials, like metals and thicker plastics, need to be strung up to the ceiling or attached with hardware.
  • Fabric ceiling signs: Fabric ceiling signs are often used to display a team’s achievements or honor specific players in arenas and sports stadiums.
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Uses of Ceiling Signs

When and how would you use a sign like this? You use a ceiling sign when you need a sign but don’t have the wall space to hang it. If you need to have a sign that people can see when they are facing a long hallway, or when they are standing in the middle of a very large room, then a ceiling sign is a great choice.

Cost of Ceiling Signs

What will a ceiling sign cost you? It depends. Drop ceiling signs were specifically designed to be simple and cost-effective so, if you’re concerned about cost, then they may be best for you. Signs that require hardware to be mounted to the ceiling will be more expensive, but they can also be more effective and make your brand and property look better too. Contact our experienced team to request a free quote.

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Hanging Wayfinding Ceiling Signs by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington

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Ready to get a hanging sign or two to improve your space? We offer ceiling signs and hanging wayfinding signs to businesses in Wilmington. Reach out to us to discuss your options today.