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Saltwater Signworks manufacturer and distributor of quality compliant traffic, parking, and street signs for Wilmington, NC.

Public Transportation Signs & Decals

Saltwater Signworks is the preferred signage partner for transportation companies in Wilmington, NC. At our local, full-service sign company, we excel in designing, manufacturing, and installing visual communication tools for specialized industries. Whether you need an innovative branding strategy or signs for safety and compliance, work with our experienced team to set your company on the path to success. 

Signs for Vehicles on the Road

The dedicated team at Saltwater Signworks ensures our clients in niche industries have the signs they need for safety, compliance, and branding in Wilmington, NC. Our transportation and custom traffic signs will fulfill the unique demands of businesses in these sectors. Reach out to our team today to discover how these signs can elevate your company’s operations.


Types Transportation Signs

Companies in the transportation industry have specific signage needs. That’s why partnering with a professional sign company like Saltwater Signworks is essential. Our products are designed to withstand the elements and provide our clients with a long-term solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team today for all transportation signage, including:

  • Truck Lettering: Communicate vital contact and branding information with high-quality vinyl lettering. These signs enhance the professional appearance of your fleet and transform vehicles into mobile advertising tools.
  • Truck Wrapping: Vinyl truck wraps transform vehicles with vibrant graphics and custom brand messaging. Use the blank space on a truck’s exterior to your advantage and make a strong impact on potential customers every time your truck is on the road.
  • DOT Numbers: These signs are required by the Department of Transportation. Contact Saltwater Signworks for premium DOT numbers that will endure changing road conditions. Our professionals will ensure these signs are installed correctly under the required guidelines.
  • Vehicle Lettering: At Saltwater Signworks, we can upgrade any vehicle, including trucks, vans, and cars, using customized lettering. Install these signs on doors or side panels to spread awareness about your company to the local community.
Custom truck graphics for Ace Demo business installed in Wilmington, NC

Signs for Regulatory Compliance

These signs are required by law and are necessary for safety and registration purposes. We will create and install regulatory signs on your commercial vehicles to meet all the requirements set out by the government, including:

  • US DOT Number
  • Company Name/Contact Information
  • Weight Limit Signs
  • Wide Turn Signs

Signs for Advertising and Branding

Most transportation companies don’t have a traditional storefront; therefore, investing in imaginative signage solutions is necessary. Companies can turn their fleets into powerful branding tools with vehicle wraps, decals, and lettering. 

Work with our designers and technicians to craft your compelling brand message and connect with new customers in your target market. As your vehicles travel down busy roads or sit in traffic, they will make thousands of impressions and expand your customer pool. Transportation companies looking for an affordable marketing strategy that delivers the maximum return on investment need effective signage. 

Custom truck wrapped installed by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington
Commercial vinyl wrap installed on van

Why Choose Us for Commercial Vehicle Lettering in Wilmington, NC

Commercial vehicle lettering and professional transportation signage instantly give your company a competitive edge in crowded markets. Your business will unlock numerous benefits when you partner with an experienced sign maker in Wilmington, NC, like Saltwater Signworks. Whether you want to boost your branding strategy, connect with new business leads, or certify your business meets all the regulations, the experts at Saltwater Signworks can help.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team to book your consultation today.

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