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Custom Signage Solutions for Restaurants & Bars

In Wilmington, NC, restaurants and bars are vital to the city’s rich culture. These establishments serve unique cuisines that showcase the area’s diverse communities and allow people to celebrate milestones while connecting with loved ones.

Saltwater Signworks is proud to partner with leaders in the restaurant industry to create captivating signage solutions. Whether your establishment needs custom storefront signs to attract diners or innovative ways to display your menu, our experts can help.


Types of Signage for Restaurants and Bars

Whether your restaurant needs outdoor signs to advertise new menu items to hungry guests or custom indoor restaurant signs to enhance the dining room’s aesthetic, Saltwater Signworks can help. 

Our restaurant signage offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Restaurant and Bar Wall Murals: Are you ready to elevate the look and ambiance of your dining room? Then, custom wall murals are key. These vinyl signs create stunning installations that immerse guests in your restaurant’s experience. You can infuse contemporary art into your interior or create a larger-than-life text mural featuring your restaurant’s tagline. The choice is up to you.
  • Name Signs for Your Restaurant: A restaurant’s name is vital to its success. Ensure it makes a memorable impact on diners with a custom sign. Exterior signs can be placed on a building to establish a presence, while freestanding signs can direct customers to the entrance. Consider illuminated signage to advertise extended operating hours if your restaurant offers late-night eats.
  • Window Decals: Window decals are an effortless way to display logos, operating hours, contact information, or highlight signature dishes. These unique signs create eye-catching displays that attract attention from new customers.
  • Sandwich Board/A-Frame Sidewalk Menus: Do you need a cost-effective but proven method to drive foot traffic to your restaurant? Sandwich boards are the answer. These portable signs display daily specials or permanent menus, and when people are looking for a satisfying meal, they point customers to your door.
  • Digital Signage: Digital signage is quickly becoming the modern approach in restaurants. These signs can be programmed to display menus and real-time updates about special offers, promotions, and events. They create an interactive experience for guests, providing them with graphics and animation that heighten their awareness and engagement.
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Why Use Custom Restaurant Signs?

In the competitive restaurant industry, having a strong brand identity is as crucial as serving delicious food. Signs can accelerate your marketing goals to connect with more customers and spread awareness about your location. 

That’s why it is essential to partner with a company experienced in creating long-lasting signs that are customized to reflect a business’s image.

Attract Ongoing Business and Brand with Custom Restaurant Signage

There’s no doubt that signs are a key component of every restaurant’s branding strategy. When you need effective tools to fuel your restaurant’s marketing campaign, turn to the experts at Saltwater Signworks. Our range of custom signs capture the unique essence of brands and share it with their target market.

Our custom restaurant signage offerings include the following:

  • Bar and Restaurant Lighted Signs
  • Food Truck and Delivery Car Wraps
  • Custom Table Toppers
  • Large-Format Printing for Restaurants and Bars
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Signs for Safety and Compliance

Restaurants and bars are entertainment hubs where people gather to celebrate. But they are also workplaces that must follow strict guidelines for employee and patron safety. Ensure your location has the signs it needs to avoid legal penalties by partnering with us at Saltwater Signworks. 


Our selection of signs, customized to meet compliance standards, include:


  • ADA-Compliant Building Signs: ADA signage is required to ensure that people with disabilities can access public spaces. These signs must meet specific design and installation requirements to comply with the law. Contact us to discuss how ADA signage can be implemented in your business to promote inclusivity.
  • Directional Signage: While signage can streamline a restaurant’s service and operations, the law requires some directional signs. Signs that point people to emergency exits or safety amenities are essential in these locations.
  • Public Health Signage: Public health signage displays critical information regarding safe food handling procedures, personal protective equipment, and site inspection results. A professional sign company can provide long-lasting solutions for displaying these necessary signs to comply with local, state, and federal laws.

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If you’re ready to serve up a world-class dining experience and generate rave reviews, then it’s time to contact Saltwater Signworks to learn how signs can enhance your venue.

Whether you need bar and restaurant sign printing or installation, our full-service sign company in Wilmington, NC, is here to complete your project according to your vision.

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