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How a Professional Sign Company Can Transform Your Business

Custom metal sign with LED lights made by Saltwater Signworks for lobby area
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Are you a startup company that’s trying to get your business out there? Or are you an established business looking for more ways to reach your target audience? Signage can make a huge difference in how you can attract customers and leave a lasting impression.

Impact of Professional Signage

Signs are one of the most effective ways you can communicate with your customers. They are your silent customer service and sales representatives. Once installed, signs work endlessly to provide important information, promote your business, and boost your brand.

There are plenty of ways to acquire signs for your business. However, if you want to achieve business transformation through signs, it’s better to trust the help of experts.

How a Professional Sign Company Benefits Your Business

Basic signage is available for purchase at big box stores. Some business owners even go the do-it-yourself route when they need signs for their business. However, the impact of professionally designed signs is unmatched for the following reasons:

  • Expertise: Taking advantage of a sign company’s expertise results in a more seamless experience. Expert sign makers know the ins and outs of signage, especially those that are effective in specific industries. You won’t need to do excessive research, scout for materials, and more. They will walk you through the entire sign-making process and do the heavy lifting on your behalf.
  • Fully Equipped: A full-service sign company has all the tools and equipment needed to produce high-quality signs. They are experienced in using these tools and understand the nuances of specific techniques.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Their knowledge of signage allows them to recommend the signs that will be best for your business, based on your unique needs, goals, and challenges.
  • Local Advice: Professional sign companies are also familiar with the local market. They know what types of signs and designs elicit a positive customer response. This helps you attract more customers and make a memorable impact.
  • High-Quality Results: Their experience with sign-making will ensure you receive high-quality results every time. While they rarely occur, if issues pop up, they know how to efficiently troubleshoot them without compromising the quality of your signs.
  • Sign Permit Assistance: A sign company’s expertise isn’t just limited to signage design, production, and installation. They are also well-versed in obtaining sign permits, complying with local laws, and creating compliant signage. This reduces the risk of any signage penalties or liabilities that could negatively impact your business.

Business Transformation Through Signs

With the help of professional sign makers, it’s possible to transform your business. Check out the following signage statistics:

  • 8 out of 10 customers visited a business for the first time just because of their signs.
  • 75% of customers said they told others about a business because of their signage.
  • 60% of customers said the absence of signs prevents them from visiting a store or business.
  • 50% of survey respondents said that poor signage affects their desire to enter a store or business.

The impact that signs have in getting your business noticed, getting customers through your doors, and building your market reach make the investment required for professional assistance worthwhile.

Signage Transformation for Businesses

Ready to transform your business through signs? Let Saltwater Signworks be your go-to sign company for all your signage needs. We offer countless services, endless support, and high-quality sign solutions every time.

Take advantage of how a professional sign company benefits your business! Talk to us about your signage requirements today and get a free consultation.


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