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What You Need to Know Before Getting Vehicle Wraps for Your Fleet

Custom truck wrapped installed by Saltwater Signworks in Wilmington
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One of the best ways to promote your brand and increase your market reach is to invest in vehicle wraps. They can turn your fleet of trucks into mobile billboards, advertising your business while on the road. Investing in fleet vehicle wrapping can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business.

If vehicle wrapping is something you’re interested in, this blog is full of important information that you should know when you get started.

Design Considerations for Fleet Vehicle Branding

A vehicle’s design can go a long way in making positive impressions on potential customers while on the road. Consider the following design elements to maximize your wrap’s effectiveness:

  • Highlight Your Brand: Your truck wrap’s design should align with your brand identity to promote brand awareness. Use the same color schemes, add your business logo, and more to create a familiar brand.
  • Legibility is Important: People will most likely see your wrap from another moving vehicle. As such, cater the design of your wraps to be readable at a glance.
  • Incorporate Engaging Graphics: Choosing the right graphics is essential when it comes to creating engaging commercial vehicle wraps. This makes it easier to attract and hold people’s attention.
  • Choose Quality Vinyl Materials: Ensuring your vinyl is high-quality allows your wraps to be vibrant and long-lasting and withstand exposure to harsh weather.

Installing Truck Wraps for Your Fleet

Most business owners are unaware of the critical role that installation plays in the longevity of your vehicle wraps. A properly installed wrap looks visually stunning and won’t run the risk of peeling or damage.

For this reason, it’s important to partner with sign companies that can expertly install vinyl wraps for fleet vehicles. They know the proper steps to ensure a seamless finish, including:

  • Preparing the vehicle’s surface
  • Measuring and cutting vinyl
  • Vinyl truck wrap application
  • Trimming the edges of the vinyl sheets
  • Post-installation care

The Benefits of Vinyl Wraps for Fleet Vehicles

According to research, even a single vehicle graphic can generate up to 70,000 impressions a day. Imagine how many impressions you can make with an entire fleet of wrapped vehicles!

Generating thousands of impressions daily is great for getting your brand out there. Fleet vehicle branding makes each trip an opportunity to raise brand awareness and recognition.

These signs also target your ideal customer base in a variety of areas to reach local customers who would be interested in the products or services that you offer, even if they’re in various parts of the city.

Fleet vehicle wrapping is also cost-effective. This is compared to traditional advertising tools. Your one-time investment can reap rewards for years to come.

Lastly, truck wraps add a protective layer to your vehicle’s original paint. This keeps your vehicle in top condition, maintaining its resale value.

Invest in Commercial Vehicle Wraps Today

If you’re looking for a powerful and effective marketing tool, vehicle wraps are the answer. Get high-quality wraps for your business with the help of Saltwater Signworks.

Our vehicle wraps are made with premium vinyl material and advanced technology. This allows us to produce durable and vibrant wraps that last. Let our team customize vinyl wraps for your fleet today. Call us and get a free consultation.


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